Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Boy and Girls

I took this pic yesterday while waiting for Vin try on clothes in a mall. I said "smile" to the three and suddenly both girls went to opposite sides, hehehehe!

They are a crazy bunch!

These are but one instance that i feel very blessed with what i have. No material thing can equal the love and happiness our family has.

Blessed and forever thankful.


My not-so-little boy has done it again!

He will be graduating grade school this year and he bbeing one of the class officers belong to a group of all the officers. He was awarded a duty award medal for performing his capabilities and duties to the best he can. He said among all the grade six students only five were awarded with medals and recognition and he is one of them! So proud!

I asked him,what he wanted as a reward for this cool feat ... and he said he want guitar lessons this summer vacation. We already have a guitar but has been untouched for quite some time because of hectic school work. I am now looking at guitar center tallahassee for possible lessons so we may be able to put his talents to good use! I am so happy that he is inclined to the music arts and that we have a great guitarist in the future! Can't wait to hear strumming sounds int he house.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A New Me

2017 means good changes!

Here i am trying to reinvent myself! There is always room for change and i believe  taht there is more to come, Starting on my hair color today and see where it goes!

I recently taken up a regimen routine and am planning on sticking to it and see the results of my hard labor!

Bring it on, 2017!

We Are Doing This

In just a few months, two to exact ... it will be finally summer!

I have been making numerous travel plans and summer classes for the three kids and this time around i am also thinking of enrolling in a few classes as well. I know the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is a famous one, but then again i shall prove them wrong, hahahaha!

I have been looking at classes in voice so i make use of my natural talent, tee hee! Been frequenting a site that showcases musicians friend microphones and i might just give in! I have always believed in my good singing voice (hehehe!) and i already have four fans, my three kids and my husband ... so isn't that a good enough number to start a fan base? So really excited for summer!

Around The World

This has been quite a series of photos that er usually take when we travel. We focus on different parts of the body in a particular place. It may be just our hands, our wrists with stamped entrance tickets, our feet, our elbows and even our heads to show that we are all together.

We will be having a blog for these photos and i hope to share it with you guys as well!