Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bonding Through Music

My children are getting the hang of going to concerts lately. They are in their tweens and have found a liking to staged performances. We recently went to a Kpop concert and they had a lot of fun! We were able to get the the best seats and they really enjoyed it. I was wishful thinking what would they think if we had  backstage pass members at musiciansfriend.com in their next concert, i am sure they would be really excited! This is the stage in their teenage life when going to concerts and getting exclusive passes would really mean the world to them. As i write this they already have a few concerts and shows lined up for me to see if the can go to. The gift of music is something that we cannot deny our children, it is very enriching to the soul. This is one activity that i enjoy with my children as well. Happy bonding through music!

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