Friday, September 16, 2016

Bit Me

I will have to admit, the Pokemon bug bit me ... and hard.

I downloaded the Pokemon Go app on my ipad and my iphone and needless to say, i play all the time. My kids also like it and they take turns teaching me the different traits of each pokemon, may it be a rare kind or one that is always seen.

I am enjoying the time spent outdoors, walking around in search of the elusive creatures.

Stay young forever, play games!

Concert Like

Sam comes home from school announcing that she wants to become a singer! Yes, a singer! She has a great voice by the way, that if you close your eyes while you listen to her you would think it was coming from a professional singer. I am not kidding, she really sounds so mature. I am thinking of investing on some musical instruments to hone her skill, we already have a guitar and piano, i am thinking of getting a  eventide timefactor to make it really feel like a concert happening in our very home! I know having musically inclined kids will benefit them even when they grow older. Being attuned to music can really help one express themselves more than just words. Here's to coming up with a band in the very near future! 

So True

I came across this picture, and i could not agree more. I am an avid believer that things (good or bad) happen for a reason. There are no accidental meetings or situations, we are placed here for a specific reason. I know that whatever is given to us we can wing it. I know that there is something to get out from every situation. Trusting in His grand plan is something i live by.

So Life, bring it on!

Testing 1, 2, 3

Guess what?

I have been asked to host my children's school function! And yes, i am nervous. I remember my grade school days when i was still shy, yeah that was a long time ago, but memories are flashing before me. I think i have a decent speaking voice which i why i would always be asked to talk in front of a crowd. Back in those days when the sound system were a bit old and antiquated unlike now where we have u87 mic readily available to make us sound even better! 

So here i am, trying to practice and come up with a good spiel to make my children proud, hahaha! I know i can wing this, all ineed is to gather my senses, dress comfortably and be myself.

Will let you guys know how it went ... it will be happening next week! Good luck to me!