Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clean Details

I always  like to take pictures of food items that have contrasting colors as it brings out the beauty of each food item. I have had this habit of finding the perfect spot for it on the table making sure that there are no stains that would grab attention to my subject. I sometimes would move my dish to certain places of the table to make sure everything is clean and neat. Whenever i look at some food blogs i am peeved when i see some stains on the linen, so i am so happy to discover spill proof tablecloth to ensure that i will no longer have those annoying accidents in our home. 

A clean table, no matter how busy the household is says a lot of the hygiene of the food we serve as well. When in restaurants i ask the waiter to change the table cloth if there are food marks on it as it is very unappetizing to look at while dining. I wish all the restaurants adapt to a spill-proof tablecloth where any accidents will just be one swipe away, saves on laundry costs as well. A super thumbs up!

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