Saturday, January 23, 2016

Travel Bug Bit Me

It is almost halfway of January, 2016 is really in full swing. I have so many plans this year and i am very excited for all of them!

One of it ia which is to maximize air travel with the family! My kids all enjoy travelling, may it ne road trips or airplane rides, and lately discovered that they are also okay with sea travel, yey!

Here's to a travel year now that the kids are big enough to remember the places we will be going!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cozy Chapel

This is the chapel in our village. This is the first time we are going to attend Sunday mass here, as we usually are not home during the weekdays and hear mass in Makati.

I liked the cozy feeling of this chapel, maybe because we are just a small group and everyone did not have any problems getting a parking space as everybody came in walking. Since we always heard masses in bigger churches this was actually a nice welcome since we are so near the altar and could really see everything the priest was doing.

My kids and i decided to hear mass here as often as we can. It is just a few street corner away from our house. A good decision.

Clean Details

I always  like to take pictures of food items that have contrasting colors as it brings out the beauty of each food item. I have had this habit of finding the perfect spot for it on the table making sure that there are no stains that would grab attention to my subject. I sometimes would move my dish to certain places of the table to make sure everything is clean and neat. Whenever i look at some food blogs i am peeved when i see some stains on the linen, so i am so happy to discover spill proof tablecloth to ensure that i will no longer have those annoying accidents in our home. 

A clean table, no matter how busy the household is says a lot of the hygiene of the food we serve as well. When in restaurants i ask the waiter to change the table cloth if there are food marks on it as it is very unappetizing to look at while dining. I wish all the restaurants adapt to a spill-proof tablecloth where any accidents will just be one swipe away, saves on laundry costs as well. A super thumbs up!

Berry Nice

This is Sam's super yummy take on blueberry cheesecake. She really got it, so perfect! The creamcheese was smooth and creamy, not too sweet, just right. She decided to keep it in the freezer and served it to us frozen ... great touch!

This is one of my favorite cakes and she really did a great job on this!

Love it!