Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Funny when i opened my timehop app and this showed up. I still remember the time i asked him to pose like this then i photo shopped wings on him and took out the background.

I have been neglecting my graphic design skills for some time and upon seeing this picture it entices me ti open up my truckload of pictures and start creating fun things again.

I remember we even had a Mr & Mrs. Smith mock movie poster, hahaha!

Will post them pics as soon as i get them done ... soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The One

My laptop died on me today.

It has lived a long and meaningful life if you ask me. We have had our ups and downs but usually ups, hahaha! We have shared countless hours together, sometimes even losing sleep just to be together and have had quite a number of snacks in between. I will miss my laptop for sure, as i have been used to seeing and being on it every single day. But, just like everyting, nothing lasts forever, and i have to accept and move on.

So here i am now, at my desktop and browsing through the internet for my new bestfriend.,

Goodluck to me and may i finally find the one.

Bonding Through Music

My children are getting the hang of going to concerts lately. They are in their tweens and have found a liking to staged performances. We recently went to a Kpop concert and they had a lot of fun! We were able to get the the best seats and they really enjoyed it. I was wishful thinking what would they think if we had  backstage pass members at in their next concert, i am sure they would be really excited! This is the stage in their teenage life when going to concerts and getting exclusive passes would really mean the world to them. As i write this they already have a few concerts and shows lined up for me to see if the can go to. The gift of music is something that we cannot deny our children, it is very enriching to the soul. This is one activity that i enjoy with my children as well. Happy bonding through music!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bit Me

I will have to admit, the Pokemon bug bit me ... and hard.

I downloaded the Pokemon Go app on my ipad and my iphone and needless to say, i play all the time. My kids also like it and they take turns teaching me the different traits of each pokemon, may it be a rare kind or one that is always seen.

I am enjoying the time spent outdoors, walking around in search of the elusive creatures.

Stay young forever, play games!

Concert Like

Sam comes home from school announcing that she wants to become a singer! Yes, a singer! She has a great voice by the way, that if you close your eyes while you listen to her you would think it was coming from a professional singer. I am not kidding, she really sounds so mature. I am thinking of investing on some musical instruments to hone her skill, we already have a guitar and piano, i am thinking of getting a  eventide timefactor to make it really feel like a concert happening in our very home! I know having musically inclined kids will benefit them even when they grow older. Being attuned to music can really help one express themselves more than just words. Here's to coming up with a band in the very near future! 

So True

I came across this picture, and i could not agree more. I am an avid believer that things (good or bad) happen for a reason. There are no accidental meetings or situations, we are placed here for a specific reason. I know that whatever is given to us we can wing it. I know that there is something to get out from every situation. Trusting in His grand plan is something i live by.

So Life, bring it on!

Testing 1, 2, 3

Guess what?

I have been asked to host my children's school function! And yes, i am nervous. I remember my grade school days when i was still shy, yeah that was a long time ago, but memories are flashing before me. I think i have a decent speaking voice which i why i would always be asked to talk in front of a crowd. Back in those days when the sound system were a bit old and antiquated unlike now where we have u87 mic readily available to make us sound even better! 

So here i am, trying to practice and come up with a good spiel to make my children proud, hahaha! I know i can wing this, all ineed is to gather my senses, dress comfortably and be myself.

Will let you guys know how it went ... it will be happening next week! Good luck to me!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Half Already

It just dawned on me, just like that we are now half done with the year 2016!

Time does fly, and at lightning speed if i may add.

There is still another half to fill up with memories and adventures, and i am looking forward to this journey!

Exciting Times Ahead

Have you always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument?

That is one of my item in my "bucket list" and i really want to do it sooner than later. I always have an admiration for people who know how to play the guitar, and i have been eyeing on the thunder horse series! 

I will really put this on my dream board to let me stay focused to attain this dream of mine. My daughters know how to play the piano and some simple songs on guitar, and i have a few tunes that i can carry with a recorder, but that is it.

I will really make an effort to fulfill this promise to myself before the year ends!

Here's to exciting musical days ahead!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hat of Feathers

So proud of my first born!

Another feather on her hat, and i can proudly say her hat is full of feathers of different colors and sizes. She remains to be humble and rooted to the ground no matter what achievements she gains. Her humility is another thing i can be proud of too. she is a very simple girl and i cannot ask for anymore from her and yet she keeps on giving me achievements after achievements!

Super proud of my little big lady!


Here is just a preview of what is going to come! The little boy, who is actually not little anymore, he has been exhibiting changes in his voice and interests.

Vin is really into music, and his eyes are set on the gibson explorer, and is so excited to get his hands on it!

My other two kids are into piano and drums, so they could actually come up with a band. I will be charge of the vocals, hahaha!

Looking forward to hear good music in the future from my children, i think i should better plan ny 25th wedding anniversary line up of songs as early as now!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


This is Bea's self-portrait in acrylic on canvas.

In my eyes it is truly a masterpiece! I posted it on facebook yesterday and it garnered a lot of likes and everyone was really  impressed how Bea was able to capture her features very well.

This will definitely be on our walls really soon!

I am actually thinking of painting mayself ... nah! Hahahaha!

Talents Abound

 This photos just popped out of my Timehop and thsi was a throwback of four years ago. I can"t believe Vin has grown up so fast!

Here he is as a grade one pupil and now he is incoming Grade 6!

His interests has also changed alot! He used to love playing with his lLgo and Nerfs and now he is asking me about 5 way switch!


My little boy is no longer little but a starting musician and a good one at that! He has been tinkering on his guitar and recentlyt been practicing with the electric organ that we have. I have such very talented children and i am so lucky to have them.

Just like his older siblings, i will give him my one hundred percent sup[port i anything that he likes to make him grow into a fine talented man!

Here's to being parents to very skilled children!

Click, click, snap

I have a budding photographer in my midst ... Sam just loves to try different angles on the pictures she is taking. We recently went to her sister's event and she volunteered to take the photos, i immediately obliged and when i saw the pictures she took i was really amazed!

She can really hold the camera and play with the images in front of her. This is the start of something really cool for Sam. Will definitely support her all the way!

This is it!

The perfect combination for a hearty meal!

Unripe mangoes, tomatoes, onion, salted egg and bagoong (shrimp paste), yum!

This one will surely make you eat more and leave you a satisfying feeling no matter what food you pair it with!


Monday, February 1, 2016

February Starts Now

This is it!

The month i will officially take my health seriously. I bought a mean machine to help me achieve this goal. No more excuses to exercise when the answer is just right in front of you, just waiting for you.

No more waiting ... Doing it ... Now ... Right now!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Travel Bug Bit Me

It is almost halfway of January, 2016 is really in full swing. I have so many plans this year and i am very excited for all of them!

One of it ia which is to maximize air travel with the family! My kids all enjoy travelling, may it ne road trips or airplane rides, and lately discovered that they are also okay with sea travel, yey!

Here's to a travel year now that the kids are big enough to remember the places we will be going!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cozy Chapel

This is the chapel in our village. This is the first time we are going to attend Sunday mass here, as we usually are not home during the weekdays and hear mass in Makati.

I liked the cozy feeling of this chapel, maybe because we are just a small group and everyone did not have any problems getting a parking space as everybody came in walking. Since we always heard masses in bigger churches this was actually a nice welcome since we are so near the altar and could really see everything the priest was doing.

My kids and i decided to hear mass here as often as we can. It is just a few street corner away from our house. A good decision.

Clean Details

I always  like to take pictures of food items that have contrasting colors as it brings out the beauty of each food item. I have had this habit of finding the perfect spot for it on the table making sure that there are no stains that would grab attention to my subject. I sometimes would move my dish to certain places of the table to make sure everything is clean and neat. Whenever i look at some food blogs i am peeved when i see some stains on the linen, so i am so happy to discover spill proof tablecloth to ensure that i will no longer have those annoying accidents in our home. 

A clean table, no matter how busy the household is says a lot of the hygiene of the food we serve as well. When in restaurants i ask the waiter to change the table cloth if there are food marks on it as it is very unappetizing to look at while dining. I wish all the restaurants adapt to a spill-proof tablecloth where any accidents will just be one swipe away, saves on laundry costs as well. A super thumbs up!

Berry Nice

This is Sam's super yummy take on blueberry cheesecake. She really got it, so perfect! The creamcheese was smooth and creamy, not too sweet, just right. She decided to keep it in the freezer and served it to us frozen ... great touch!

This is one of my favorite cakes and she really did a great job on this!

Love it!