Monday, September 21, 2015

Peaches Cheesecake

My newest experiment!

Tried substituting peaches instead of blueberries for this cheesecake. I am thinking it would create a tangy flavor and play with the sweetness of the cheesecake.

Will be putting it in the freezer now and see how it will fare later come dessert time.

Hope it is a success!

Musically Inclined

Sam's birthday is tomorrow, how time really flies ...

I remember i posted a year ago the guitar we bought for her as a birthday gift when she turned fourteen. She as so happy and until this day would always take time to play it even she has tons of school work to attend to. Did i mention that she has a beautiful voice to boot? She does. I just don't know from whom she got it from, because my husband and i can hardly carry a tune, hahaha! So anyways, i am thinking of giving her another musical gift to complement her previous instruments. We already have an organ so i am thinking of getting her an equalizer. The question is what is an equalizer? My mommy friends have been telling me to get one, so i am now on the lookout for one. I know Sam would love anything to make her love for music richer and more enjoyable. I will support her in anything she desires.

She will be fifteen tomorrow! I feel so old, yet so young because i can experience being young again through the excited eyes of my children.


I took this picture on a flight to Hong Kong. This picture is a symbol of me wanting to see more of the world around me. It ha always been my dream to travel as much as i can, but now my dream includes my children. I want them to travel and drink on the different cultures that the world has to offer. I want to enrich their minds and hearts with utmost possibilities of life presented by the locals of every country we plan to visit.

My children are old enough to understand and grasp whatever we see in our travels, i want to be with them and share this experience with them. I want to be free with them.

This will be my goal ... freedom to travel anywhere we can.