Monday, July 13, 2015


I have to get fit ... now!

Working on attaining a healthier body ... not tomorrow ... but, today!

Determination and focus is what i need to step up and get my groove back.

Here's to a healthier lifestyle!

Making The Best Of It

School has been cancelled for almost a week and the kids are just on their gadgets while Sam is diligently trying to learn playing her guitar (the one we got for her birthday last year) that she really did not have time to play  because of school work.

My dream is to have our family master a musical instrument so we can play good music, since music is the universal language that is understood by all. Bea has had some piano lessons and has been having some time with our electric organ during the weekends. I wonder where i can get a used tuba for Christian to tinker on. Vin is interested learning the drums which i feel suits his personality. I might just settle for the tambourine, just going along with the music my family will play. I know it can happen .... soon!

Hooked Too

I can't believe that i am getting sucked in the Clash Of Clans web ... yes, the bug got me!

I love playing it and decorating my castle, so girly, lol!

There are even flower beds that i can use to make my castle really stand out and show its feminine side.

The kids will be starting their own account too by the weekend and we plan to make our own clan, hahahah!

Love this game!

Bed Weather

It has been raining like cats and dogs (pun not intended, hahaha!)

School has been suspended for four straight days due to the storm that has been with us for the entire week.

Little Choconut can't help but snuggle and get some warmth any way she can and sleep. Did not even know that dogs can actually snore, tee hee!

Love this kind of cool weather plus all kids are safely home ... i do pray for the others braving the storm outside though.

Stay dry, peeps! :)