Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fit To Run

Being fit and healthy is really a choice. I have rallied for running together in the morning with the entire family to keep our health in check. It is important that we move around outdoors especially in this age when everything is available on your phone's internet browser. You could do almost everything while just sitting down and not moving. I am an advocate of keeping our bodies physically fit. Health is wealth!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Armed and Ready

Summer break means one thing .... the kids are home the entire day! Went to the supermarket and armed myself with constant "Mama, what can i eat?" questions, lol! Gearing up to the heat is nothing compared to the open and closing of the refridgirator door, hahahha! Happy Summer!

Stations Reader

I let my kids take turns leading the prayers for the Stations of the Cross so they can actively participate in this activity. This is my youngest boy leading us this time. I am blessed to be able to partake in this activity, i am healthy and well to go around the churches. Thanking Him for all His blessings.

Treasures Of My Heart

Blessing do not come in material things. The real blessings are just in front of you ... embrace them, love them and treasure them! Family is love!

Turning Japanese

My comfort food! Japanese food really knows where to hit me ... super love it!


How do you know if it is a holiday? The streets are empty and traffic is a breeze ... why? Because most of the city dwellers are off to some vacation elsewhere, hahaha! We own the city!

Visita Iglesia

A Lenten tradition in our country is the Visita Iglesia, where one goes to different churches to pray the Sations of the Cross. We have been doing this for quite some time and i hope the kids get to continue this when they have their own families in the future. The heat was terrible though, summer really is the greatest contributor of this tradition, gives you a little bit of taste of His suffering when he was carrying the cross under the sun. Hear are a few of the churches we visited.