Monday, December 7, 2015

Early Habit

In the wee hours of the morning, around 4:00 am, two pairs of feet walked, jogged and pranced the dark streets, aided by the light of the street lights before dawn.

Sound like a start of a book ... lol! But yeah, thsi is me and Christian starting something that we hope we can really do every morning, starting today. Health is wealth!

We have no time during the day, nigh time we are both tired ... so we decided to do a morning run before we go on with our daily chores. Looking good, felt refreshed and rejuvenated after .... but i must say a little tired, must be my aging limbs, tee hee!

Really have to step up and fight the aging process!

Tomorrow again!

Reason For The Season

Attended mass yesterday, and it is the 2nd Sunday of the Advent week. Everyone was feeling the meaning of Christmas inside the church. We are made to remember the meaning of Christmas, and not about the commercialized meaning of gift giving and receiving. The mass was very solemn and it was highlighted by the choir's magical voices with the instruments like the piano, guitar, harp and vater percussion that made the mass more meaningful. Sometimes we all have to be given a little tap on the shoulder on the real reason we are celebrating and not the arrival of Santa Claus with loads of gifts .... but the arrical and coming of Jesus.

I took a quick photo of the mock ultrasound image, found it really cute and timely, a perfect example of excitement of the coming of Jesus in a few weeks.

So without further ado, may i wish you all a blessed Christmas and may we all have a good one!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Fifteen

My awesome daughter turns fifteen!

How time really flies as the popular line goes ... but it really is true. I wish i can hold on to them for as long as i can. Keep the happy and healthy always!

Happy birthday my aweSAM daughter!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Peaches Cheesecake

My newest experiment!

Tried substituting peaches instead of blueberries for this cheesecake. I am thinking it would create a tangy flavor and play with the sweetness of the cheesecake.

Will be putting it in the freezer now and see how it will fare later come dessert time.

Hope it is a success!

Musically Inclined

Sam's birthday is tomorrow, how time really flies ...

I remember i posted a year ago the guitar we bought for her as a birthday gift when she turned fourteen. She as so happy and until this day would always take time to play it even she has tons of school work to attend to. Did i mention that she has a beautiful voice to boot? She does. I just don't know from whom she got it from, because my husband and i can hardly carry a tune, hahaha! So anyways, i am thinking of giving her another musical gift to complement her previous instruments. We already have an organ so i am thinking of getting her an equalizer. The question is what is an equalizer? My mommy friends have been telling me to get one, so i am now on the lookout for one. I know Sam would love anything to make her love for music richer and more enjoyable. I will support her in anything she desires.

She will be fifteen tomorrow! I feel so old, yet so young because i can experience being young again through the excited eyes of my children.


I took this picture on a flight to Hong Kong. This picture is a symbol of me wanting to see more of the world around me. It ha always been my dream to travel as much as i can, but now my dream includes my children. I want them to travel and drink on the different cultures that the world has to offer. I want to enrich their minds and hearts with utmost possibilities of life presented by the locals of every country we plan to visit.

My children are old enough to understand and grasp whatever we see in our travels, i want to be with them and share this experience with them. I want to be free with them.

This will be my goal ... freedom to travel anywhere we can.

Monday, July 13, 2015


I have to get fit ... now!

Working on attaining a healthier body ... not tomorrow ... but, today!

Determination and focus is what i need to step up and get my groove back.

Here's to a healthier lifestyle!

Making The Best Of It

School has been cancelled for almost a week and the kids are just on their gadgets while Sam is diligently trying to learn playing her guitar (the one we got for her birthday last year) that she really did not have time to play  because of school work.

My dream is to have our family master a musical instrument so we can play good music, since music is the universal language that is understood by all. Bea has had some piano lessons and has been having some time with our electric organ during the weekends. I wonder where i can get a used tuba for Christian to tinker on. Vin is interested learning the drums which i feel suits his personality. I might just settle for the tambourine, just going along with the music my family will play. I know it can happen .... soon!

Hooked Too

I can't believe that i am getting sucked in the Clash Of Clans web ... yes, the bug got me!

I love playing it and decorating my castle, so girly, lol!

There are even flower beds that i can use to make my castle really stand out and show its feminine side.

The kids will be starting their own account too by the weekend and we plan to make our own clan, hahahah!

Love this game!

Bed Weather

It has been raining like cats and dogs (pun not intended, hahaha!)

School has been suspended for four straight days due to the storm that has been with us for the entire week.

Little Choconut can't help but snuggle and get some warmth any way she can and sleep. Did not even know that dogs can actually snore, tee hee!

Love this kind of cool weather plus all kids are safely home ... i do pray for the others braving the storm outside though.

Stay dry, peeps! :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Life Is Sweet

No matter what you have in your life, always be assured that it only gets better.

I guarantee you, Life Is Sweet!

Back On Track

I have to admit i have been gone for some time. I have been frequenting my other gadgets which makes me incognito to my laptop. But, i am back! I will definitely be on a roll this time! So excited to blog again!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fit To Run

Being fit and healthy is really a choice. I have rallied for running together in the morning with the entire family to keep our health in check. It is important that we move around outdoors especially in this age when everything is available on your phone's internet browser. You could do almost everything while just sitting down and not moving. I am an advocate of keeping our bodies physically fit. Health is wealth!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Armed and Ready

Summer break means one thing .... the kids are home the entire day! Went to the supermarket and armed myself with constant "Mama, what can i eat?" questions, lol! Gearing up to the heat is nothing compared to the open and closing of the refridgirator door, hahahha! Happy Summer!

Stations Reader

I let my kids take turns leading the prayers for the Stations of the Cross so they can actively participate in this activity. This is my youngest boy leading us this time. I am blessed to be able to partake in this activity, i am healthy and well to go around the churches. Thanking Him for all His blessings.

Treasures Of My Heart

Blessing do not come in material things. The real blessings are just in front of you ... embrace them, love them and treasure them! Family is love!

Turning Japanese

My comfort food! Japanese food really knows where to hit me ... super love it!


How do you know if it is a holiday? The streets are empty and traffic is a breeze ... why? Because most of the city dwellers are off to some vacation elsewhere, hahaha! We own the city!

Visita Iglesia

A Lenten tradition in our country is the Visita Iglesia, where one goes to different churches to pray the Sations of the Cross. We have been doing this for quite some time and i hope the kids get to continue this when they have their own families in the future. The heat was terrible though, summer really is the greatest contributor of this tradition, gives you a little bit of taste of His suffering when he was carrying the cross under the sun. Hear are a few of the churches we visited.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One of my favorite days of the week is Wednesday.

For others it is Friday, thus the popularity if TGIF (thank god its friday), but for me before i get to Friday thee is akways Wednesday to look forward to!

I love the idea that it signals the half of a week ... The grind of the week eill soon end plus the feeling of accomplishment that i have made it this far, hahaha!

While others thrive on Fridays .,. I celebrate Wednesdays!

Red Letter Day

My little cupid! In just a few days, the most celebrated day will be happening. There are people who put to much hype and commercialism on this very simple day. I am glad and blessed just to be able to spend the day with my family ... The people who are the most dearest to my heart. <3 p="">

Friday, January 30, 2015


Honoring my grandmother ... we really miss her.

But nothing can change the fact that we are so proud of her ... till the end og time.

Morning Smiles

My kids are growing way too fast!

Here are their morning faces when i brought them to school yesterday morning. Always full of energy and positivity!

Comfort Me

This simple food item never fails to give me comfort! I can draw some kind of contentment even without french fries and soda ... just the mere smell of it gives me a sense of happiness, hahaha!

I just love Mc Donald's cheeseburgers to bits!