Thursday, March 13, 2014


This is my mama and my little boy Vin. My mama just loves her grandchildren and believe it or not she never had a favorite, she has always been equal in showing her love for them.

I am so grateful that they have a grandmother just like her.

Center Stage

Our electric organ is now out of the box again, since Vin requested to play it now that summer is fast approaching, i happily obliged. I loved that he is interested to play again and learn a few more pieces and not just while away his time playing on the computer. I want to surprise him by getting him a microphoneto give a concert like effect. I want to give him all the support and maybe the girls will pick up on their singing skills too. School was really taking a lot of their energy, so when they get home they are really tired.

I can't wait for next week when summer officially starts!
In as much as i am dreading the heat that comes with summer, i am looking forward to the free time with the kids!

Guard Dog

Our little nipper is a great guard dog. She can spot a walking pedestrian a few feet away from our gate, hahaha!

She has so much fight in her that i have to bring her in when she barks so much because i am afraid the neighbors might be getting annoyed by her high pitched barks. I am assured though that no one can even attempt to go near the gate since Choconut can smell them a mile away, lol!

House Holiday

Kids have no school today ... yay me!

We did not plan to go anywhere this day to give ourselves time to spend leisure tim,e at home, sleeping late, waking up late, watching tv, read a book and surf the internet.

It was a very relaxed day for all of us. There were no deadlines to meet as the kids finished their exams in school yesterday and are just completing their clearances before they head on to summer.  There are so many possibilities to do this summer, and i promise to really make this count.

Bea will be  fourth year high school, one year short of college! Whoa!

I will be having an college student really soon, that is why i want to make our summer breaks as enjoyable and as fun filled as ever!