Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surfing Lives

Since this being a holiday, i have now the right to go sight seeing of the stars, hahahha!

I frequent some celebrity blogs to get the latest and the juciest tidbits on the popular stars. Who's dating who? Who broke up with who? Who cheated who? Who went just got arrested for DUI? Who just went through oxycontin rehab? Who are leading the music charts?

In just as little as twenty minutes in these colorful sites, i get a glimpse of different lives and how they are coping with whatever they have on their plate. Everyone is really into something, may it be a happy one, a struggling one, a lonely one or even a challenging endeavor. We all have colorful lives to lead and the difference really is on how we deal with it.

Live life to fullest, seize the day!

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