Friday, February 21, 2014

Frantic yet Calm

It was the usual morning ...

... was preparing for the kid's lunch food in the morning, was a bit running late because i had some chores that were left over from last night that i had to finish up in the morning. The kids went on their usual way preparing themselves for school and when they were about to ride the car ... found out that the keys are still in the ignition and the car was locked.

Everyone looked at me, hoping for me to come up with a solution ... i had none.

I remember though that we had a spare key, but the problem was since we just tranferred house i could not really say where it was. I collected my nerves and said i will try and look for it. The kids wre trying to help, asking me questions on how big the key was, etc. Suprisingly, everyone was calm, no one was panicking, we were very quiet in our search, and after 15 minutes, i found the coveted key!


We all looked at each other triumphantly and opened the car and they all riode and left for school, me with a happy and content smile.

All's well that ends well!

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