Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cooking Adobo

I can't believe it, the homemaker bug bit me this day and i decided to cook Pork Adobo for dinner later. I got the pork out of the freezer, checked our supplies if i had the ingredients for it and just went to do it. Reality check, we did not have laurel leaves so i have to make do without it. Had no peppercorns so used ground pepper as a substitute. Had overflowing supply of vinegar and soysauce and garlic cloves so no problem there. As of this typing, my yummy adobo is simmering and hopefully tastes good despite the sudden urge  to do it. By the way, the pork i got was intended for some other recipe within the week, but i don't know i just had the liking to cook adobo today.

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