Sunday, January 19, 2014

Appetizers To Entice

These are the ones responsible for enticing my appetite, gives me a prelude of what i am in store for when i get to the main entree. But, truth be told, i would not mind having these as my main as i get full easily, tee hee.

I have to work on my diet, and start working out as often as i can if i still want to stay fit with all the food tasting i am doing ever since the holidays, calories alert!

Band Dream

Summer is fast approaching and as early as now we are already planning on what lessons to take and make the reservations to make sure that the kids get good class schedules. Both Bea and Sam want to take voice lessons while Vin wants to learn to play guitar. The good thing about this is there is a school that caters to both skills and that gives me time to look around while they are in their sessions. We visited a music store and saw an array of things like congo drums, different sizes of guitar picks, and even colorful recorders. I must admit, the recorder is the only musical intrument that i know how to use, hahaha! The piano just gives me a  happy birthday tune, but i do love to learn more. I promise to learn an instrument this summer as well, so maybe i can put up a family band, hahaha, fat chance!

Sweets Galore

Am taking a new hobby, food photography. I love the details, the colors and the texture of the subjects. Can you believe these were all mine? Yup, i ate them all!

It was a buffet and i really went overboard, lol!

Will take more photos today, excited!

Helping Out

I was at the mall last week looking for a confirmation gift for my niece when i got a call from my husband asking me if i could do an errand for him. Thinking quickly, errands for him meant going to the hardware store and acquainting myself to the many man tools that are on sale like power tools, vacuum for cars, jacks and even engine lathe for sale. Don't get me wrong, i do learn a lot and it widens my knowledge and not be confined only to make-up and trendy dresses, hahahah!

This way my going to the mall on a weekday actually serves its purpose because not only is there less crowd, i can do the things i need and at the same time help my ever supportive hubby. Extra points for me!