Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweet Berry

My daughter's friend gave me this sweet bottle of Strawberry jelly from Baguio City, she did not even know that this is one of my favorite treats whenever we go and visit Baguio City.

Partnered it with old-fashioned soda crackers and they are the perfect duo for a quick and sweet snack.


Getting Ready

It's Christian's birthday tomorrow!

I have been frequenting secret errands while the kids are in school so i can come up with a small and cute surprise party. I was out the other day to order a cake, some balloons, even visited a burlap tablecloth website to make sure i get everything covered for this party!

I love planning parties more so that is for a very special person, makes it more exciting and special. The kids would come home from school and ask me what i have done in terms of our preparations and i happily report to them what i have accomplished when they were gone. I have some gifts stashed in their clothes cabinet and knowing that they have in in their possesion excited them! Love it that the kids are really into it and are very excited despite the heavy school load, they really love their papa so much!

Comfort Me

Nothing can ever come close to the comfort of comfort food ... and in my book my comfort food is a McDonald's Cheeseburger meal. I remember i gave birth to three of my kids and the first meal that i asked for as soon i was allowed to take in solid food was a cheeseburger meal.

Went to the mall on my one today and visited my favorite fast food chain to make up to being alone on a rainy day.

Love this!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


This is my mama and my little boy Vin. My mama just loves her grandchildren and believe it or not she never had a favorite, she has always been equal in showing her love for them.

I am so grateful that they have a grandmother just like her.

Center Stage

Our electric organ is now out of the box again, since Vin requested to play it now that summer is fast approaching, i happily obliged. I loved that he is interested to play again and learn a few more pieces and not just while away his time playing on the computer. I want to surprise him by getting him a microphoneto give a concert like effect. I want to give him all the support and maybe the girls will pick up on their singing skills too. School was really taking a lot of their energy, so when they get home they are really tired.

I can't wait for next week when summer officially starts!
In as much as i am dreading the heat that comes with summer, i am looking forward to the free time with the kids!

Guard Dog

Our little nipper is a great guard dog. She can spot a walking pedestrian a few feet away from our gate, hahaha!

She has so much fight in her that i have to bring her in when she barks so much because i am afraid the neighbors might be getting annoyed by her high pitched barks. I am assured though that no one can even attempt to go near the gate since Choconut can smell them a mile away, lol!

House Holiday

Kids have no school today ... yay me!

We did not plan to go anywhere this day to give ourselves time to spend leisure tim,e at home, sleeping late, waking up late, watching tv, read a book and surf the internet.

It was a very relaxed day for all of us. There were no deadlines to meet as the kids finished their exams in school yesterday and are just completing their clearances before they head on to summer.  There are so many possibilities to do this summer, and i promise to really make this count.

Bea will be  fourth year high school, one year short of college! Whoa!

I will be having an college student really soon, that is why i want to make our summer breaks as enjoyable and as fun filled as ever!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eye Candy

Christian was given this jar of colorful and personalized candy yesterday. It is so cute! It was small minature candies that had the name of his office on it. The kids enjoyed it and i loved looking at its colorful pieces.

Another blessing that sometimes we tend to forget, we have to be thankful of the job that we all have, no matter how hard or tedious it may be, it is still a job that bring in food to our table, so just do the best that we can in anything that we do.

Preparing Trip

We are going on an overnight trip this weekend and as early as now i already have our menu planned out so i can do the grocery shopping later. I have to buy some plastic containers for the food that we are bringing and make sure that they have those flap stays to ensure that the lid stays closed all through out the trip. One of the many things i like doing is going on long car rides with the kids, as we like stopping at different places to look around. The kids enjoy this because i usually tell them to dress comfortably so they won't have a hard time when we go in and out of the car during stop overs. I love the fact that my family is a fun and always ready to go bunch.

Love travelling especially with my kiddies!

Sleepy Head

Our little girl watches me as i pace around the house, she looks at me attentively, waits for me to take a seat at the sofa and happily wags he rtail and weaits for me to signal her that it is okay for her to come up beside me. I nod and she jumps up, squeezes her body between me and the armrest and nuzzles her head on my leg and in a matter of minutes she is already sleeping soundly.

I love these quiet times with my little girl, she is one large blessing to our family and we love her to bits!

Surfing Lives

Since this being a holiday, i have now the right to go sight seeing of the stars, hahahha!

I frequent some celebrity blogs to get the latest and the juciest tidbits on the popular stars. Who's dating who? Who broke up with who? Who cheated who? Who went just got arrested for DUI? Who just went through oxycontin rehab? Who are leading the music charts?

In just as little as twenty minutes in these colorful sites, i get a glimpse of different lives and how they are coping with whatever they have on their plate. Everyone is really into something, may it be a happy one, a struggling one, a lonely one or even a challenging endeavor. We all have colorful lives to lead and the difference really is on how we deal with it.

Live life to fullest, seize the day!

Holiday From Alarm Clock

It's a holiday!

Kids are all home and my alarm clock did not ring today, horray for today!

So what better way to celebrate this special day?

A quick call ... and viola!


House Hunting

We have decided to transfer house this summer, and i am excited! I always want to go to new houses and believe me when i say that wherever we transfer in just a matter of days it always feels like home. I guess the saying "home is where the heart is" really holds water, especially for our family. I was on the internet looking at the listings and even saw some for senior housing software that were also available, and really it amazes me that everything and anything is available right at your fingertips. It sure saves on a lot of gas when we go around going house hunting when everything can happen in the comforts of your home. I actually bookmarked a few houses that looks promising, will show the kids (yes, they have a say on this too) and Christian later this evening.

So excited!

Cooking Adobo

I can't believe it, the homemaker bug bit me this day and i decided to cook Pork Adobo for dinner later. I got the pork out of the freezer, checked our supplies if i had the ingredients for it and just went to do it. Reality check, we did not have laurel leaves so i have to make do without it. Had no peppercorns so used ground pepper as a substitute. Had overflowing supply of vinegar and soysauce and garlic cloves so no problem there. As of this typing, my yummy adobo is simmering and hopefully tastes good despite the sudden urge  to do it. By the way, the pork i got was intended for some other recipe within the week, but i don't know i just had the liking to cook adobo today.

A Sight To Behold

 The night was young and when i was looking at my daughter, it was like in just a short time she has bloomed into a very pretty girl. They had a lot of activities like a candle and rose dance, they also sang songs and even danced the cotillion accompanied by the a very able pianist, and a violin that really set the mood to a night of class. I enjoyed the evening as well, as we took pictures on top of the bleachers and watching the event which took almost three hours. Seeing my daughter with her friends her age made me see her among her equals and i have seen how grown up she has become and that she is refined and so lady like. I am so proud of what she has become, a very likeable young lady.

Pretty Smile

 Bea had a great time during her very first Junior Senior event, and i am so happy that there to witness it. She was so lovely in her green gown and she was smiling graciously to all her friends. She really is an epitome of a lady.

I did her make up and fixed her hair in a matter of thirty minutes and it was simple and very youthful looking despite the make-up as i did not want her to lose her youthful vibrance by loading her face and hair with products.

I loved what i saw, a very happy, young lady.

Table Setting

 The Junior Senior Turnover ceremony happened last Saturday, and really my daughter had a great time! We came very early and as a matter of fact i was the very first one to enter the decorated gymnasium and i got a good seat to take nice pictures. I was marveling at the the set-up and remembering my Hotel and Restaurant days when we would always come up with the best set-up during class. We would be using very nice china, polyester faux burlap table runner and fancy napkin folding on each table. I also personally made name cards for the people on the table to ensure that everyone will have someone to talk to during the whole event. I mix and match the ages so everyone has a side of all generations which make up a lively conversation.

I just love dressing up a place for a party, this is one of my passions.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spoiler Alert

Took a photo of Bea's gown for her Junior-Senior Turnover for tomorrow. I am so excited for her!

Bought her her very first silver high heels and she has been practicing in school for her cotillion dance. I will be fixing and curling her hair for tomorrow, and maybe some light make-up will do.

I think i am more excited than her, hahahaha!

Royal Hearts

Made these crowns for me and Christian to wear as King and Queen of Hearts last Valentine's Day. These coupled with our DIY shirts that i posted a few posts back.

He did not want to wear his at first, hahahah!

But, with a few nodding actions on m,y part, he obliged.Loved it!

Friday Hug

Today, being a Friday is one of the busiest day of the week, since everything is about to end for this week, so here i am wrapping up my things to do and making sure i have everything arranged for the weekend. I was searching the internet to where to bring the kids when i caught a glimpse of Choconut peeping at me from her bed. So i stopped for a while, called her and happily she went to me and i hugged and snapped this picture of ours.

Friday really is for hugging ... have you hugged your loved one today?

Blessed Thrice

I have been blessed with a loving husband, and i am thankful for it.

But the best blessing for me is having my children, three perfect angels.

I have been given these gifts to take care of and love all the rest of my life. I hope in my own little way i do not fail them and bring them up to the best as i can. Lift their spirits and make the good people.

I have been blessed, yes, more than enough ... and i am so thankful.

Official Mass

Vin had his first Sunday mass communion last Sunday with the entire family. I did not show them that i was teary eyed when i saw him kneel with Christian and his two sisters after receiving communion.

The usual Sundays would always have him hold my bag and stay and guard our seats while the four of us go and line up for communion.

This is really a sight for me to revel in. I hope i can bring them up to be good Christian and to follow His teachings and make Him proud to call us His children.

Happy Sunday everyone!

First Communicant

Time really flies!

Vin is now an official First Communicant! He had his First Communion Rites last Saturday and i can't help but be amazed on how fast he has grown.

All my three children now are all going to take communion during Sunday mass, and it really makes me feel proud.

I was talking to my cousin this morning and told her about this big milestone in our life when i saw her yahoo messenger light up so i had to share the news to her. She has seen Vin all through out and seeing him in this angelic pose really can bring tears and see on how he has really grown.

I can't get over it, i no longer have a little boy, but a young lad. So happy and blessed.

Sweet Break

This is my quick snack that picks me up in between my chores. I sit down and devour at least two of these for my sugar fix and get on with my household chores.

I wonder, are you one of those people who takes sweet breaks to keep you going?

I am one of them.

Sweet Slumber

Choconut and i have started a routine and it is really nice. I lie down on the sofa with my arm stretched out, she sees me and without me calling her she jumps up and places her head on my arm and in a metter of minutes she is already asleep. I marvel at how serene and peaceful her sleep is whenever we do this.

I love this special bonding time with my little nutty, these are one of the happy times of the day that i get to rest and at the same time show my love for my little girl.

Frantic yet Calm

It was the usual morning ...

... was preparing for the kid's lunch food in the morning, was a bit running late because i had some chores that were left over from last night that i had to finish up in the morning. The kids went on their usual way preparing themselves for school and when they were about to ride the car ... found out that the keys are still in the ignition and the car was locked.

Everyone looked at me, hoping for me to come up with a solution ... i had none.

I remember though that we had a spare key, but the problem was since we just tranferred house i could not really say where it was. I collected my nerves and said i will try and look for it. The kids wre trying to help, asking me questions on how big the key was, etc. Suprisingly, everyone was calm, no one was panicking, we were very quiet in our search, and after 15 minutes, i found the coveted key!


We all looked at each other triumphantly and opened the car and they all riode and left for school, me with a happy and content smile.

All's well that ends well!

Lending An Ear

Sam has a music assignment and has been listening to the different kind of music genre and i can't help but listen to them and somehow relate to some of the lyrics. I happen to like a few of the songs that she was working on. She has to come up with a distinct comparison amongst all the songs that goes back to the 50's generation. I particularly liked the 70's and 80's, maybe because it had some sort of story in the songs. I liked it and could relate it to my childhood, from long, long time ago, lol!

Music can really make you travel back in time, i am glad that Sam is enjoying this assignment as much as i did!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


All our trips to the drive-thru paid off!

We were given a VIP sticker that we can use at their drive-thru area. This sticker entitles the bearer to free soft drink upgrade whenever you order any meal combination.

Love this!

Band Players

When the kids and i were strolling the park last weekend , we passed by a band that played for the people in exchange for a few pesos that you can afford to put in their small box in front of them. I marveled on how we have such great talent on our very own streets,  the great guitar player and the amazing vocalist. We stayed and listened to two of their songs before we moved on to go to the restaurant. Music, especially when performed well can really capture the audience and delight its listeners. We were lucky to have heard them play and was feeling proud that we have such great talented musicians. I hope they were able to collect enough money because they truly are a great band.


Have you ever tried a chinese delicacy called "tikoy"? It's a soft and chewy cake that is served during Chinese New Year, it is usually cut into rectangles and dipped in egg batter then deep fried.

This on the other hand is tikoy but cooked in a different way, they are still cut into rectangles, but no egg in needed, they are instead wrapped in egg wrapper then deep fried.

They both taste so good! But if you ask me, i still like how it was originally served, love the browned egg and tikoy togther.

Side Trip

Passed by McDonald's yesterday to grab a bite before heading off to the hardware store looking for air pumps and some screws needed for tomorrow. The kids no matter how many times we eat at McDonald's never get tired of it, i can also say that i still love it too! A quick snack makes us really energized to keep us going to finish our errands. Traffic nowadays are so bad, but with these quick stop overs it somehow eases the long wait, keeps the kids satisfied and the parents happy, lol!

We love drive-thrus!

Grocery Therapy

I don't know about you, but i just love going to the grocery, love looking at the endless array of choices for cereals, peanut butter, ice cream and other things that we take for granted. I also love to experiment and buy different brands to try them all and finally stick to one that i find the best. I am also on the lookout for signs like best buys, discounts for the week, produce signs like best apricot kernels here and special offers that i chance upon whenever i make a trip to the supermarket. I guess for others they love window shopping, love going and trying on dresses, but i was never fond of that, i would surely take grocery shopping as one of the best stress busters in my book! My kids have also found a penchant for it and would take turns pushing the cart. This family just loves grocery shopping!

Cool Treat Awaits

I was so sleepy this morning and decided to pick up the phone and dial for McD delivery, and in less than 20 minutes my hot cheeseburger meal with fries came to the rescue to perk me up! To cap it off, i had a cool hot fudge sundae all for myself! Yum!

Bought the kids theirs too, so when they get hom,e they have a cool treat waiting for them!

Online Afternoon

I just love the internet, well who doesn't?

Okay, i stand corrected, the doctors that i personally know despise the internet, they say that the patients are misinformed since they self diagnose ever since the internet came about, hahaha!

I am guilty of that!

I really go to the internet to check on things, and i mean anything!

If i am feeling something peculiar, i go straight and look it up for the symptoms, if i want to see where the best deal is on a particular item i go to the internet! The search for information is endless, and that is one of the reasons why i just love the internet and can spend as many hours on it everyday and come out of it more informed and learned. Truth be told, i no longer continued our newspaper subscription because i feel everything is happening real time on the internet alone, so tomorrow's papers are old news, hahaha!

His and Hers

This is a collage i posted on Facebook for ThrowBack Thursday which coincided with Valentine's Day! Here we are as the King and Queen of Hearts. The cards i used are sticker papers, i got a picture on the internet, enlarged it and printed it, placed it on our plain black shirts and viola ... we have matching his and hers shirts!

So Soon

I can hardly believe that summer is fast approaching, but i sure welcome the break from school. The kids have only around a month to finish with school this year and we will be having more time on our beds in no time. I know that they are happy with school but i am sure the break will really be a welcome treat for them. I am now looking at classes i can enroll them in to while away their time and not just be on their laptops the entire vacation. So excited for summer!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Took this picture when we were at the car and i said this picture shows that a half of me and a half of Christian, makes one Sam :) She has both our features. We just came from her doctor for a check up because she was not feeling well, that is why she sat in front with us thus making me take this picture of the three of us together. Love this!

Red Letter

Our Sunday Choir is practicing really doubly hard for our Valentine spot next week. I am excited and nervous at the same time.  We really want to perfect the presentation, especially because our kids and neighbors will be watching us on this special day. Did i mention that we will all be in red? I have yet to buy a nice and sweet dress for the day, nothing extravagant, but functional and classy. Excited and nervous.

Lovely Faces

I was going through my old files when i saw this .... cute! Time does fly, as the popular saying goes .... i cannot believe that this photo was taken years ago and Bea is now turning sixteen next month! I feel so old. But above all, this photo exudes warmth and the love they have for each other. I super love my kids ... and their silly faces!

Neighbor Love

Our next door neighbor is having their house renovated and they are installing new grills on their porch. I talked to them the yesterday and asked if i could borrow her workers for a day to install an extension for our gate because we recently got a van and now that it is parked inside there is opt much room to go around. The extension will somehow give us space to go around the van along the main entrance. She said yes, since her workers have a victor welding so it would actually take only a half day to do my extension. I am so grateful for this, can't wait to finally have the much need space once the gate is installed. I am so glad that we have good neighbors and i do hope i am a blessing to them as well.


Our little Choconut (mini-dachshund) had her first sleep over on my little boy's bed. Both were really excited! They snuggled together and both slept soundly. Vin usually transfers to my bed in the middle of the night, but not last night. Looks like this will be one permanent arrangement. Zzzzz...


I have always wanted to play the piano, there is something about the black and white cold instrument that leave me at awe when you hear the sweet and dramatic tunes that comes out of it. I am forever fascinated by the passion it can create, the mood it can set and the drama of it all together. Believe it or not i have been trying my hand on it for quite some time,gives me tremendous pleasure and amazement that i can somehow make something out of stroking a few keys. My fascination for this instrument goes way back to my grandmother who was a great pianist. I would love to be as good as her, well maybe that is wishful thinking. For now i am happy with learning the basics, and maybe someday .... who knows.

Fingers Crossed

Bea showed me this picture of a contest on facebook, and she really hopes to win. She just loves these cute keychains of animated figurines. I really hope she wins! She asked me to like the photo and share it on my wall, so as a dutiful mom, i did! Hope my little anime girl wins these cool prizes!

Red Letter

It's February!

That only means it's the month of love!

I always tell Christian not to get me anything but secretly i am wishing that he does give me something, even just a small handwritten note will surely bring a smile across my face. I am sure his eyes will pop out once i hand it over to him, especially taht i have told him that we would not give each other anything ... no pressure.

But ... just the other day i showed him a swarovski bangle that i like, hehehe!

I wonder if he will take the cue and buy it for me ... surprise me!!

I just love Valentine's Day, don't you?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Appetizers To Entice

These are the ones responsible for enticing my appetite, gives me a prelude of what i am in store for when i get to the main entree. But, truth be told, i would not mind having these as my main as i get full easily, tee hee.

I have to work on my diet, and start working out as often as i can if i still want to stay fit with all the food tasting i am doing ever since the holidays, calories alert!

Band Dream

Summer is fast approaching and as early as now we are already planning on what lessons to take and make the reservations to make sure that the kids get good class schedules. Both Bea and Sam want to take voice lessons while Vin wants to learn to play guitar. The good thing about this is there is a school that caters to both skills and that gives me time to look around while they are in their sessions. We visited a music store and saw an array of things like congo drums, different sizes of guitar picks, and even colorful recorders. I must admit, the recorder is the only musical intrument that i know how to use, hahaha! The piano just gives me a  happy birthday tune, but i do love to learn more. I promise to learn an instrument this summer as well, so maybe i can put up a family band, hahaha, fat chance!

Sweets Galore

Am taking a new hobby, food photography. I love the details, the colors and the texture of the subjects. Can you believe these were all mine? Yup, i ate them all!

It was a buffet and i really went overboard, lol!

Will take more photos today, excited!

Helping Out

I was at the mall last week looking for a confirmation gift for my niece when i got a call from my husband asking me if i could do an errand for him. Thinking quickly, errands for him meant going to the hardware store and acquainting myself to the many man tools that are on sale like power tools, vacuum for cars, jacks and even engine lathe for sale. Don't get me wrong, i do learn a lot and it widens my knowledge and not be confined only to make-up and trendy dresses, hahahah!

This way my going to the mall on a weekday actually serves its purpose because not only is there less crowd, i can do the things i need and at the same time help my ever supportive hubby. Extra points for me!