Friday, December 27, 2013

Wall It Up

Have you ever played this Chines game named Majhong? It's a fun yet very long game if you ask me. My mom loves to play this especially during the lazy afternoons. I know how to place this after watching this when i was smaller. It is relaxing and there is a lot of conversation going on which makes this game a great one. This set is still sealed and will open it this weekend when the family comes to visit, and i will again hear the clink and clank of these tiles.

Pump It Up

Got really cool gifts this year and believe it or not most of my gifts are techie, hehehe! I received a very handy power bank to make sure i never run out of battery when i am traveling, a portable phone speaker to pump up the volume and even got a brand new cell phone! Gone were the days of make-up, soap, towels and bags as gifts. We all live in a very techie world and we all want to maximize the use of our gadgets, and so we have endless choices to just do that. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a cool family, love their gifts!