Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Healthy Loss

There is still one thing that i have been meaning to try ... wear a two piece with confidence! I am one of the lucky ones that after having undergone a c-section i do not have any stretch marks and my incision has healed nicely and flat. If you did not know i had an operation you would not think i did because of the very flat scar that is barely there. But i have something that cannot be denied ... my flabby stomach, lol! Ever since i have not donned a two piece swim suit ever in my life, i always was the conservative girl in a one piece suit. But now i have a thing for a two piece suit, and i really want to do this, but of course i want to be really ready for this debut. I don't want to do anything drastic to achieve this weight loss, i always want it to be safe and i know there is a safely and effectively. Of course, there are a lot that promises you a flat stomach as fast as three days, but if you really look at how it is done you will notice the risks involved. There are many factors to consider in losing weight, most especially since i have kids that depend on me so i really cannot just jump into any crash diet that will give me more harm than good. The need to lose weight should be given ample thought and not just do it and suffer the consequences later. Nothing beats being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle and achieving the desired results safely. The golden rule comes into play, health is definitely our wealth!

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