Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Healthy Loss

There is still one thing that i have been meaning to try ... wear a two piece with confidence! I am one of the lucky ones that after having undergone a c-section i do not have any stretch marks and my incision has healed nicely and flat. If you did not know i had an operation you would not think i did because of the very flat scar that is barely there. But i have something that cannot be denied ... my flabby stomach, lol! Ever since i have not donned a two piece swim suit ever in my life, i always was the conservative girl in a one piece suit. But now i have a thing for a two piece suit, and i really want to do this, but of course i want to be really ready for this debut. I don't want to do anything drastic to achieve this weight loss, i always want it to be safe and i know there is a safely and effectively. Of course, there are a lot that promises you a flat stomach as fast as three days, but if you really look at how it is done you will notice the risks involved. There are many factors to consider in losing weight, most especially since i have kids that depend on me so i really cannot just jump into any crash diet that will give me more harm than good. The need to lose weight should be given ample thought and not just do it and suffer the consequences later. Nothing beats being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle and achieving the desired results safely. The golden rule comes into play, health is definitely our wealth!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rainbow Colors

Made a rainbow with regular crayons. When i was younger the way for me to memorize the arrangement of the colors i always remember ROY G. BIV. It stands for  Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

What do you think of my picture?

Fly High

We live in a place near the airport, and seeing airplanes fly above our heads is a common sight, but it never fails me to imagine myself in it. Would love to bring the kids to a nice vacation really soon!

Planning a Christmas trip now!

Never Idle

This is it!

Here i am trying to reinvent myself, hahaha!

I have been going out of my way to try on new things. I recently picked up a hobby of taking pictures and i also want to try and start a new instrument, thinking of a recorder or a p bone to start with. My kids are always learning new things everyday in school, and i feel now that i have so much time on my hands i want to make myself grow as well. There are so many things that i can start on, i finished sewing a bag, made a handmade doll for my daughter and also took up an online foreign language course. I love learning new things, keeps me alert and at par with my kids developing minds.

I never want to be idle, i want action all the time, because we only live once, so i aim to enjoy every minute of it!

Help On The Way

A friend of mine called last week asking me if i can help him with his financial status. I listened to his predicament and told me that he is thinking of expanding his restaurant to service the growing number of clientele. I told him that he could do the renovations without feeling the crunch by getting a business cash advance loans to help him make his plans started. He happiliy tells me that he did not anticipate the clamor for his food, i tried the food there when it opened late last year and it was superb! I have been there a few times with my friends and they too like it and have gone back with their own family.

Here is wishing my cousin happy returns and more power to his food business.

Pens Pose

I started a new hobby!

So excited!

Here are a few shots i made with my new toy. Now you can see in different angles looking at different ways to take a shot at ordinary things to make it appear different. I will be posting a few more shots that i will be making. Click! Click!

Musically Mine

Bea has a project in school that requires her to give the advancement of music today. We were able to research a lot of new things and how advanced the music has evolved. We learned and found interesting things like groove tubes gte34ls and other latest developments. Whenever i have a chance to let my kids hear the music genre i grew up with i really let them hear it, and suprisingly they enjoy it as much as i do. I have to compile everything by the Friday and have them printed so we can have it binded so we she can pass in early next week.

I love how our music has evolved, music really adds color to our lives!

Ahoy Mermaids

Took the kids to the Oceanarium last week and watched a mermaid show! Loved it!

I enjoyed the show as much as the kids did, because i always loved stories with mermaids, lol!

After the show the "mermaids" went near the glass to pose for pictures, and the kids really loved it. Vin loved looking at all the different kinds of fish and loved passing through the dome.

Would not mind going back again ... soon!

Growing Collection

So excited with my coin collection! I added a few more coins today and i must say i do have ab impressive lot! I have coins that date way back and was given to me by my grandfather that was also given to him by his grandfather. I showed my collection to my daughter and she was amazed at how old they were and i told her they are very precious. My collection ranges from different currencies as well, i even have golden eagle coins, copper cons and silver ones too. You can really trace the history of our coins by the sizes and color that comes out every time a coin is replaced. This is one collection that i started when i was very young and hopefully i am introducing it to my daughter who will continue this collection when i get older.

Ber Already

I cannot believe that "ber" months has began! I still remember Christmas last year like it was just last week. Time do move fast, and luckily this year has been good for us so i can say "time is fast when you are having fun". There has been no unfortunate things that happened, everything was and is still good. I just love the Christmas season, the atmosphere and the faces of people light up during this time. So excited for the coming yuletide season. So much happiness to share!

Help On The Way

My daughter has a best friend that has been an active player in their volleyball game, but last weekend she had a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital. The good news is that she will be okay in a few months having injured her knee. She will be undergoing some sessions with a physical therapist and i know for a fact that her family and friends are really rooting for her. To get around her family made way to have walker rentals while she is still recuperating from her fall. She is known to have very good disposition so i know she will be on her way to recovery way before the scheduled time according to her doctors. We are all praying for her.