Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Cleaning

This is actually the last time will do my cleaning because summer is almost over. I have started with the kids clothes cabinet and have set aside quite a pile for give-aways because they do not fit them anymore and i know there are other people who would benefit from it. Will look at the state of our kitchen cabinets this afternoon and maybe put some oil on the hinges to make them smooth and noise free. I have asked help from Bea to scrub the kitchen tiles while i sort the tupperware and plastic containers. I really love to declutter and am putting myself into a zen state of mind to free myself of the things that we don't really use and need. I want to start with a clear mind so i don't have second thought if i should keep a thing or not ... my strategy will be "if i did not use it for more than a year then that means i don't need it" frame of mind, hahah! Goodluck to me and i know i will be able to be productive!

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