Friday, June 7, 2013

Father's Day Comes

In about a week from now Father's Day will come. I miss my papa so much, this being our 2nd year without him since he went up to heaven. How time flies. I made a collage for him last year.

I miss him terribly. But life goes on ... and believe it or not i am happy for him that finally he is up in heaven. I am still blessed to have had a chance to be his daughter. On the other hand, my cousin has been hounding me on to what to give her Father on this very special day, luckily since i was on the internet the entire day yesterday for Bea's assignments, i chanced upon these cigar cutters that would really suit my uncle since he really smokes cigars. I am sure he would love this fancy gift. Will email the pictures to my cousin in a bit. To all those who have Father's still with them, do give them a tight hug, not just on the 16th of June but every chance you get.

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