Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Password

Yikes! My pocket wifi must have reset itself, my password is gone! I have been searching on how to put a password again because my neighbors will be getting my service which entails my slow surfing speed. I have to act fast before a crowd of teenagers mill our front gate, lol!

Traffic Stress

Traffic jam really has a way to get into your everyday routine. These are a few moments of my travel from Paranaque to Makati on an early Wednesday morning, and yes, it was bad. But i kept on looking at Christian who was not bothered at all, must be an everyday thing for him. Less stress for him since he does not find anything peculiar about the traffic situation. I wonder when i will be immune to this sight every single morning.

Family Jewels

It is obvious to say that i love jewelry. I am one of those girls that likes to buy here for wholesale jewelry for the main reason that it is cheaper and a very good investment. I have not heard of the time the value depreciates but it appreciates fast plus these are things that we can really hold and keep. I have some pieces that i have already thought of to whom mi shall give it to, especially since i have two daughters, and i will be instilling in them the value of having such an investment. This is a real sure way to guard your money, by investing it wisely and keeping it safe.

Not So Bored Housewife

Whoever said that keeping house is boring is up for a surprise! One has to find ways to spice up your chores. My schedule for the morning was to mend all the clothes, and this is one task that is not on my favorite to-do list. I get my sewing box that i have not touched for quite some time, collected all the clothes that needed mending and grabbed my ipad and set it Adam Levine's videos ... and viola, i am done in half the time! An inspiration is all you need and you get to do things fast ... i wonder if the ipad wont get wet when i go clean the bathrooms, lol!


I have been on the internet for some time today and have learned a lot of new things. The internet can really make or break you, lol! You can get good results when you need it at a few strokes of the keyboard and yet you can get some funny results that will make you think and realize that everything is really on the internet, it is really up to you on how responsible you are in using the net. So anyway, i was able to get good results for Bea's interest in the guitar section, you know the saying strike when the iron is hot, hahaha, so i was able to get new stuffto update our guitar and make it at least up to par with the trendy ones. So, i will have to say, once again, the internet is still very useful and productive, i wonder how we would survive without it.

40 days

It has been 40 days since my lola passed. I still can't wrap the thought around my head that she is gone. I am happy for her, don't get me wrong. She has lived a full ninety four years old. What i can't believe is that all the traditions and gatherings that i have been attending to all my years are now never going to happen. There will be no more Christmas eve gatherings, Easter Egg hunts at their house, Sunday visits and other things that i have been doing for as long as i can rerember. I am happy for my lola ... but i a little sad that we won't be seeing her anymore. That's life, i guess. We trust ... and we go on.

Stocking Up

My daughter Bea has been tinkering on our guitar that has been in the attic for quite some time. My sister was the one who really played it while i watched and could only strum to a happy birthday song and silent night, hahaha, what a combination! So anyway, i am glad that i kept the guitar for so many years not knowing that i will be having a daughter who is showing some interest into it.  I am excited that finally, keeping my fingers crossed, i will have a guitarist for a daughter. Yey!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bring It On

This is it! Three sets of books and notebooks that needs to be labeled and covered before school starts. One set for grade three, one stack for first year and another one for third year high school. I had personalized stamps made for the kids a year ago and they really come in handy, so i stamped on the books, but i still have to prepare sticker paper with their names, grade and sections. I am determined to finish this in one sitting .. bring it on!

Summer Cleaning

This is actually the last time will do my cleaning because summer is almost over. I have started with the kids clothes cabinet and have set aside quite a pile for give-aways because they do not fit them anymore and i know there are other people who would benefit from it. Will look at the state of our kitchen cabinets this afternoon and maybe put some oil on the hinges to make them smooth and noise free. I have asked help from Bea to scrub the kitchen tiles while i sort the tupperware and plastic containers. I really love to declutter and am putting myself into a zen state of mind to free myself of the things that we don't really use and need. I want to start with a clear mind so i don't have second thought if i should keep a thing or not ... my strategy will be "if i did not use it for more than a year then that means i don't need it" frame of mind, hahah! Goodluck to me and i know i will be able to be productive!

My Graduate

The saying "how time flies when you are having fun" is really true! I have another graduate! This school year i now have two high schoolers and one grade three student. In two years time i will be enrolling my eldest in College ... whew. It sure is fast ... have to cherish every moment of their young years before at a blink of an eye they are all grown up ... sob .. sniff.

Father's Day Comes

In about a week from now Father's Day will come. I miss my papa so much, this being our 2nd year without him since he went up to heaven. How time flies. I made a collage for him last year.

I miss him terribly. But life goes on ... and believe it or not i am happy for him that finally he is up in heaven. I am still blessed to have had a chance to be his daughter. On the other hand, my cousin has been hounding me on to what to give her Father on this very special day, luckily since i was on the internet the entire day yesterday for Bea's assignments, i chanced upon these cigar cutters that would really suit my uncle since he really smokes cigars. I am sure he would love this fancy gift. Will email the pictures to my cousin in a bit. To all those who have Father's still with them, do give them a tight hug, not just on the 16th of June but every chance you get.

Underwater Smiles

Bea and Sam loved swimming and their next favorite thing next to splashing around is having their pictures taken underwater! Here are just a few of the many poses they gamely did with their underwater camera. They have a liking to Taylor Swift's 22 song which is why they are flashing the number two in all the shots. Love their energy and their stamina to stay underwater and flash their pearly whites, hahaha!


The kids really enjoy taking a dip every chance they get this summer vacation. We rented a private house with a pool last weekend and our entire family had a great time. The house owner made sure that the water temperature was perfect for the kids even during night swimming so they installed pool heat pumps to ensure the proper temperature. We arrived there a little after lunch and the kids swam till eight in the evening. A lot of coaxing had to be done to make them come out of the water to eat and finally call it a day. They all woke up very early the next day to make the most of the half day at the house. Though it was quite a ride to get there it was sure all worth it, but then again i am just a passenger as i let Christian drive all the time, hehehe!