Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wifi Woes

My Smart router gave up and called in sick. No harm done if you think about it right? I called the Smart technical assistance and was advised that the router was deemed defective and since it was still under warranty i could easily have it replaced at their business office. The same day, off i went to the Bicutan business center with the defective router and explained the situation. They said they have no replacement at the moment, but they will be looking for one at the other branches and they will text me the next day. Simple. But no. After countless exchanges of texts, calls to their hotline and multiple visits to the different business centers around the metro, there was no available router to give me. It took more than a month when i finally hit bottom, and said enough is enough. I went to the business center (again) to cancel the account but they said they will have to charge me pre-termination fee.... what!? So the saga continues, the customer representative wrote management on my behalf to waive the penalty as the decision to close the account was not initiated by me but because Smart can not deliver. It has been three weeks since the letter for request to waive has been sent, until now my account remains active, yet i have no internet from them. It is so disappointing.

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