Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving Time

The time has come for us to finally move. We recently moved to where we are now same time last year, summer time. This is are only time to move as the kids do not have school and chances of rain when transporting our things is very slim. The last time we moved was last year, we stayed in our former house for seven years, but since the kids transferred to a bigger school i opted to move closer to where the kids will study. Don't get me wrong the present house we live in is actually good, but we are having a bit of a problem when it comes to parking our car. We initially had a sedan car and it was just perfect in the garage, but November last year, we got a van, and it does not fit the indoor garage. Sad to say, it has to be parked across our house, on the street. I get paranoid looking at the van parked there at night because of the many accidents one can get when it is out in the open. Another thing is we cannot keep it clean as we want to because it is exposed to dust and rain. So needless to say, we are moving to a bigger house with a much bigger garage next week. I am happy to announce that i am halfway done with packing since the kids are here in the house to help me, it is really a breeze. I have discarded a lot of things that we no longer will be needed and given to others who will have more use of it. I am minimizing clutter at the same time helping others. I can't wait to finish packing so i can enjoy the rest of the summer!

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