Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

It is Vin's first time to participate in our annual "palaspas" ritual in church yesterday. He was excited to wave the palm leaves to have it blessed by the priest to start off the Palm Sunday for the Holy Week.

He laughed when he got wet from the holy water, he said it was so cold.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone.


I recently got an email from a past client of mine, our last project was for the surprise birthday party of her mom and it was a success. This time around she contacted me because she is getting married to her long time boyfriend. I am so happy for her because she truly is a sweet lady. She has a race car theme for her reception and she want to have some cool give-aways, so now i am having some layouts for car magnet printing that we can use as one of her party favors. We also thought of car shades in her color motif so it can cater both old and young guests. She has a different kind of theme and i am challenged to pull this off with a flair.

Goodluck to me ... vroom vroom!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Was at the mall last weekend and came across this large sign, could not contain myself cause i thought it would be a great cover photo for my facebook page.

The kids gamely posed behind it, and viola, i have my very own lovely facebook cover with my three kids on it!

Love it!

My Graduate

Sam is graduating this month! Yey! I cannot believe i will be having two high schoolers when school starts again this June. She just had her graduation picture taken the other day and i can't wait to see them. She ordered a few dozens more to give out to her classmates who i understand will be trading their graduation pictures as a souvenier. I was actually looking at for class rings too for Sam's gift, i really want it be special. Time does really fly so fast, i can still remember when she just started pre-school and clinged on my hand and would not let go. These are the moments that i will forever cherish, because pretty soon they will all be grown up.

I am one lucky momma to be able to witness all these breathtaking events in the lives of my children.

Being a momma, rocks!