Thursday, February 28, 2013

Got Milk?

I was never a coffee drinker and i think i never will.

I have always been a milk girl, loved milk when i was growing up and to this day i still try and drink at least a few glasses every week. I don't drink everyday though, but yo can safely say at least four times a week on an average.

I like my milk cold, not much of a hot drinker, maybe that is why i don't fancy coffee.

Milk is good for my bones ... what does coffee do?

I rest my case.

Three Now

Our little Choconut (mini dachshund) turns three!

She is the kindest most playful but never attempted to bite us in any way even when she was still a little puppy. She is simply the best!

We had her when she was just two weeks old and we love her ever since.

She is our first pet dog and the kids are very happy to have her. She is still so small even at three years old so Vin can easily carry her.

I cannot imagine my kids growing up withour our funny little nut!

Birthday Finds

Bea's birthday is really coming in really fast, in two weeks time to be exact and she will be turning fifteen. We gave her an advanced gift already so she can enjoy it already so now i am again in search for another gift for her actual birthday. Since she has found a new interests in guitars i am thinking of getting her  something related to her new found interest. I really want her to focus on this because it really spells a lot of difference if you know how to play at least one musical instrument. I know she will be good at it because she really can put her mind to it and excel in anything that she likes as long as the interest is really there. I am really banking on her to learn something new this summer, another additional talent that has yet to be tapped, but with the proper support i know she will go a long way with it.


Got some new shampoo and conditioner last night to keep my hair in tip top shape. I feel my hair has been under so much pressure after having undergone two bouts of coloring this year alone. Hydration is much needed and that is just what i am looking for in a shampoo.

Excited to try this out later, hope it delivers its promise to my tresses that really needs my tender loving care.


This is one of my favorite picture, such a tight shot. My kids have really grown up really fast! I can't believe that next month, Bea and Vin will be celebrating their birthdays. Bea will turn fourteen and Vin will be nine, so fast! Sam will be graduating from grade school next month too.

Time sure flies!

They have different interests now, Bea has been thinking of having music lessons and she is quite keen on learning to play the guitar. I found a great school for her already and will be visiting it this weekend, we will be looking at some starting guitars for her so she can have her own. I found some great looking ones complete with a cool accessories for my eager student.

Sam is thinking of enrolling in for some voice lessons. Vin on the other hand just wants to stay home and play on his laptop, lol! Different strokes for different folks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pre Valentine

Christian came home exactly at midnight because he had a bowling tournament, and he was just in time for Valentine, and he had pizza and flowers for us.


Since i was the only one awake, i ate one slice only so the girls can have it for breakfast. We all had one rose each, red for me and white for the girls.

How was your valentine? Hope it was good.

Musical Display

My kids and i just love going around the malls even without a specific thing to buy. We love to walk around and go into stores and suprisingly find something we like and we did not even know about. It is like a scavengers hunt for things that are really a cool find.We went inside a auto supply store and came out with soft pillows for back, who would think you would find them there, lol! We went to a music store and saw an array of musical instruments guitars to organs to recorders and to drums that Vin tried so many times. We were able to buy a small flute though and to try our hand on reading the notes and maybe get a decent sound from it. I really love going leisurely around the mall, stress is a no-no when it comes to our shopping adventures, we just want to take it really slow.

Kwek Kwek

Have you tried it?

Kwek-kwek a native delicacy. I posted this picture on Facebook, my kids enjoying kewk-kwek right after hearing mass when one of my friends abroad asked what it was, lol!

For us Filipinos, it is a common street food, so i kind of took it for granted that everyone knows what it is. My bad.

It is actually considered a street food (since a lot of carts are plying the streets with this food) it is quail eggs in orange batter and cooked deep fried. They are served in small containers with toothpicks instead of fork and they are smothered with sauce that you can choose from, my kids love the sweet and sour sauce over the spicy one.

So there, kwek kwek.

Loving Hearts

Valentine's Day is really a big production here, we really try to go out of our usual activities to make our special someone feel more special with the things we give them It might be a very simple gift, card, letter and they will surely feel our love. I was able to look into some cute gifts for Christian and of course Valentine's day is not just for hubbies but for the kiddies as well, so i got them some of their favorite chocolates and Christian gave us flowers.

It was a day filled with love if you ask me.

Looking forward to another year long of loving!

My Emcee

Went to school today to watch Bea do her very first stint as an emcee. She and her schoolmate were chosen to be the emcee for their school's Science Inventor's Day activity. I was seated at the back because parents were really not allowed to come, but that day i made a trip to the accounting office and paid some graduation fees for Sam, so i decided to take a peek.

I marveled at how Bea handles it, her voice was very clear and lively! She was really great!

Another proud momma moment for me!

Safety First

Finally we are transferring to our new house this year! I am so excited! After so many renovations it is finally over, we are just waiting for the finishing touches then we will be moving in. I have seen a lot of plans for the house and it really is great news that it now all set and the plans are final, no more revisions. The entire time of construction i had very little participation since it involved the construction of rooms and the flooring, but now that the interior aspect is going to be done i will be taking over. I have picked the furniture and lights to be used for every room and now i am fixing up the bathroom. I am so excited because i was able to fin tiles for the bathroom that is anti-slippery especially since the kids will be all wet and soapy in the bathroom. I made sure that the electrical switches are well hidden so water cannot go into it from all the splashing, i also looking at robern medicine cabinets to keep put first aid supplies at bay. You can never be too careful when you have kids at home. It really pays to secure the safety, because like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is way better than a pound of cure. So there!