Thursday, January 24, 2013

Road Trip

We have started a road trip ritual.

Before we embark on a trip, whether long or just a short ride we pass by the ice cream store to get the kids some ice cream cones. They are very excited every time they ride because they know a cool treat is on the way.

Making travel time cool and comfortable for my three kiddies.

School Work

Sam came home today with several assignments and a project in her music class. She had a few english, math and science assignments that she easily dived into. She actually do not ask for help in doing assignments unless she really needs to, she is very confident with her answers. Her one project in music was a compilation of different instruments that is popular these days help us with this project. We found at that there are actually a lot of innovations since the music of the 60"s and 70's and she is excited to show this to her teacher and classmates.

At my age and the generation gap Sam and i have, i actually feel that something still remains constant ... the love for music is always going to be there no matter what age you are!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Vin and Choconut are the official seatmates whenever we travel. Both love sitting with each other and keep other company. Sometimes if it is a long ride i see them both snuggled on the chair with a blanket on top of them. They are pals for life!

Armed and Protected

Our little Choconut had her yearly series of shots to keep her protected from any illness and rabies that plague dogs. Although she does not go out of the house to have any contact with other dogs with rabies it was best to have her protected as well.

I got her a new kind of vitamins too that not only give her the vitamins and minerals she needs but to keep her coat shiny.

Her vet also gave her a chewable medicine that will free her from any attacks of worms, mosquitoes and also protect her heart from any disease.

Our little princess is armed ... and protected.

Unique Invite

I just finished a big order of birthday invitations in cd form last week. It was a very novel idea, to give music cds as an invite to the guests of the party. My client gave me a list of songs that the celebrant really likes and that will be played at the party so the guests will already know the songs so they can enjoy it better. The front part is where the party details were, the picture of the celebrant and all the party details, i just needed to design one layout and had the others cd insert duplication and just placed them all in a transparent crystal case.

It was a very interesting invite, plus the guests can keep the cd to play in the car or at home even after the party. Loved the idea, it was very unique and you are sure your guests won't be discarding the invite once the party is over.