Friday, December 27, 2013

Wall It Up

Have you ever played this Chines game named Majhong? It's a fun yet very long game if you ask me. My mom loves to play this especially during the lazy afternoons. I know how to place this after watching this when i was smaller. It is relaxing and there is a lot of conversation going on which makes this game a great one. This set is still sealed and will open it this weekend when the family comes to visit, and i will again hear the clink and clank of these tiles.

Pump It Up

Got really cool gifts this year and believe it or not most of my gifts are techie, hehehe! I received a very handy power bank to make sure i never run out of battery when i am traveling, a portable phone speaker to pump up the volume and even got a brand new cell phone! Gone were the days of make-up, soap, towels and bags as gifts. We all live in a very techie world and we all want to maximize the use of our gadgets, and so we have endless choices to just do that. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a cool family, love their gifts!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Coming

Here it is again, the season where people find a perfect excuse to fill up and exercise later after the holdays. I myself am guilty of this holiday pleasure especially when it is food that is so close to my heart. I also have a secret weapon behind my back once the eating sessions are over. I have always been a firm believer and a n advocate of safe and rapid detox to take care of flushing out the excess chemicals in my body. The holiday season especially the family reunions would surely be ruined if i do not sample all the cooking of my relatives and friends. This is the only time when one can eat and be merry! Advance merry christmas and may we all enjoy eating our way through the holidays!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Words

It has been a week ... typhoon Haiyan battered our land and our people. Words cannot really describe what just happened. We are Filipinos with a strong faith with God, everything does happen for a reason and He would never leave us in our most trying time. Keeping the faith. God is truly good.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Really?? It's Friday?? Time really moves so fast, i can hardly keep up. Don't get me wrong, i love the weekends, its the speed that is scaring me. I can't even grasp on the idea in just a few months it will be Christmas. Whoa. I really do need to seize the day, do everything i can in one day, build memories and always remain positive and happy. Looking forward to the holidays, but dreading its being over soon ... mixed emotions.


My kids are always on the internet and constantly i am being asked if they could download some games and music, of course i always say yes. You wonder why i always agree? Because i always make sure my system is backed up with the best protection ever, and that i am thankful for Avira and makes time of my kids on the net safe. I don't always have to look over their shoulders whenever they are using my laptop and playing games. I so love that the internet really has everything you need, especially when they have researches that needs to be supported with pictures, downloading and printing them is a breeze. I can't help but remember during my school days when it was only the library and the xerox machine as aids. The cost of colored xerox at that time was really high, and really made a hole in my pocket. Those were the days, my friends.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throw Back

This was Vin's very first halloween! Look at the three kiddies .... how time flies! So excted for this year's halloween with the kids, they already have their outfits ready. How about you, you ready for it?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Healthy Loss

There is still one thing that i have been meaning to try ... wear a two piece with confidence! I am one of the lucky ones that after having undergone a c-section i do not have any stretch marks and my incision has healed nicely and flat. If you did not know i had an operation you would not think i did because of the very flat scar that is barely there. But i have something that cannot be denied ... my flabby stomach, lol! Ever since i have not donned a two piece swim suit ever in my life, i always was the conservative girl in a one piece suit. But now i have a thing for a two piece suit, and i really want to do this, but of course i want to be really ready for this debut. I don't want to do anything drastic to achieve this weight loss, i always want it to be safe and i know there is a safely and effectively. Of course, there are a lot that promises you a flat stomach as fast as three days, but if you really look at how it is done you will notice the risks involved. There are many factors to consider in losing weight, most especially since i have kids that depend on me so i really cannot just jump into any crash diet that will give me more harm than good. The need to lose weight should be given ample thought and not just do it and suffer the consequences later. Nothing beats being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle and achieving the desired results safely. The golden rule comes into play, health is definitely our wealth!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rainbow Colors

Made a rainbow with regular crayons. When i was younger the way for me to memorize the arrangement of the colors i always remember ROY G. BIV. It stands for  Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

What do you think of my picture?

Fly High

We live in a place near the airport, and seeing airplanes fly above our heads is a common sight, but it never fails me to imagine myself in it. Would love to bring the kids to a nice vacation really soon!

Planning a Christmas trip now!

Never Idle

This is it!

Here i am trying to reinvent myself, hahaha!

I have been going out of my way to try on new things. I recently picked up a hobby of taking pictures and i also want to try and start a new instrument, thinking of a recorder or a p bone to start with. My kids are always learning new things everyday in school, and i feel now that i have so much time on my hands i want to make myself grow as well. There are so many things that i can start on, i finished sewing a bag, made a handmade doll for my daughter and also took up an online foreign language course. I love learning new things, keeps me alert and at par with my kids developing minds.

I never want to be idle, i want action all the time, because we only live once, so i aim to enjoy every minute of it!

Help On The Way

A friend of mine called last week asking me if i can help him with his financial status. I listened to his predicament and told me that he is thinking of expanding his restaurant to service the growing number of clientele. I told him that he could do the renovations without feeling the crunch by getting a business cash advance loans to help him make his plans started. He happiliy tells me that he did not anticipate the clamor for his food, i tried the food there when it opened late last year and it was superb! I have been there a few times with my friends and they too like it and have gone back with their own family.

Here is wishing my cousin happy returns and more power to his food business.

Pens Pose

I started a new hobby!

So excited!

Here are a few shots i made with my new toy. Now you can see in different angles looking at different ways to take a shot at ordinary things to make it appear different. I will be posting a few more shots that i will be making. Click! Click!

Musically Mine

Bea has a project in school that requires her to give the advancement of music today. We were able to research a lot of new things and how advanced the music has evolved. We learned and found interesting things like groove tubes gte34ls and other latest developments. Whenever i have a chance to let my kids hear the music genre i grew up with i really let them hear it, and suprisingly they enjoy it as much as i do. I have to compile everything by the Friday and have them printed so we can have it binded so we she can pass in early next week.

I love how our music has evolved, music really adds color to our lives!

Ahoy Mermaids

Took the kids to the Oceanarium last week and watched a mermaid show! Loved it!

I enjoyed the show as much as the kids did, because i always loved stories with mermaids, lol!

After the show the "mermaids" went near the glass to pose for pictures, and the kids really loved it. Vin loved looking at all the different kinds of fish and loved passing through the dome.

Would not mind going back again ... soon!

Growing Collection

So excited with my coin collection! I added a few more coins today and i must say i do have ab impressive lot! I have coins that date way back and was given to me by my grandfather that was also given to him by his grandfather. I showed my collection to my daughter and she was amazed at how old they were and i told her they are very precious. My collection ranges from different currencies as well, i even have golden eagle coins, copper cons and silver ones too. You can really trace the history of our coins by the sizes and color that comes out every time a coin is replaced. This is one collection that i started when i was very young and hopefully i am introducing it to my daughter who will continue this collection when i get older.

Ber Already

I cannot believe that "ber" months has began! I still remember Christmas last year like it was just last week. Time do move fast, and luckily this year has been good for us so i can say "time is fast when you are having fun". There has been no unfortunate things that happened, everything was and is still good. I just love the Christmas season, the atmosphere and the faces of people light up during this time. So excited for the coming yuletide season. So much happiness to share!

Help On The Way

My daughter has a best friend that has been an active player in their volleyball game, but last weekend she had a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital. The good news is that she will be okay in a few months having injured her knee. She will be undergoing some sessions with a physical therapist and i know for a fact that her family and friends are really rooting for her. To get around her family made way to have walker rentals while she is still recuperating from her fall. She is known to have very good disposition so i know she will be on her way to recovery way before the scheduled time according to her doctors. We are all praying for her.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Password

Yikes! My pocket wifi must have reset itself, my password is gone! I have been searching on how to put a password again because my neighbors will be getting my service which entails my slow surfing speed. I have to act fast before a crowd of teenagers mill our front gate, lol!

Traffic Stress

Traffic jam really has a way to get into your everyday routine. These are a few moments of my travel from Paranaque to Makati on an early Wednesday morning, and yes, it was bad. But i kept on looking at Christian who was not bothered at all, must be an everyday thing for him. Less stress for him since he does not find anything peculiar about the traffic situation. I wonder when i will be immune to this sight every single morning.

Family Jewels

It is obvious to say that i love jewelry. I am one of those girls that likes to buy here for wholesale jewelry for the main reason that it is cheaper and a very good investment. I have not heard of the time the value depreciates but it appreciates fast plus these are things that we can really hold and keep. I have some pieces that i have already thought of to whom mi shall give it to, especially since i have two daughters, and i will be instilling in them the value of having such an investment. This is a real sure way to guard your money, by investing it wisely and keeping it safe.

Not So Bored Housewife

Whoever said that keeping house is boring is up for a surprise! One has to find ways to spice up your chores. My schedule for the morning was to mend all the clothes, and this is one task that is not on my favorite to-do list. I get my sewing box that i have not touched for quite some time, collected all the clothes that needed mending and grabbed my ipad and set it Adam Levine's videos ... and viola, i am done in half the time! An inspiration is all you need and you get to do things fast ... i wonder if the ipad wont get wet when i go clean the bathrooms, lol!


I have been on the internet for some time today and have learned a lot of new things. The internet can really make or break you, lol! You can get good results when you need it at a few strokes of the keyboard and yet you can get some funny results that will make you think and realize that everything is really on the internet, it is really up to you on how responsible you are in using the net. So anyway, i was able to get good results for Bea's interest in the guitar section, you know the saying strike when the iron is hot, hahaha, so i was able to get new stuffto update our guitar and make it at least up to par with the trendy ones. So, i will have to say, once again, the internet is still very useful and productive, i wonder how we would survive without it.

40 days

It has been 40 days since my lola passed. I still can't wrap the thought around my head that she is gone. I am happy for her, don't get me wrong. She has lived a full ninety four years old. What i can't believe is that all the traditions and gatherings that i have been attending to all my years are now never going to happen. There will be no more Christmas eve gatherings, Easter Egg hunts at their house, Sunday visits and other things that i have been doing for as long as i can rerember. I am happy for my lola ... but i a little sad that we won't be seeing her anymore. That's life, i guess. We trust ... and we go on.

Stocking Up

My daughter Bea has been tinkering on our guitar that has been in the attic for quite some time. My sister was the one who really played it while i watched and could only strum to a happy birthday song and silent night, hahaha, what a combination! So anyway, i am glad that i kept the guitar for so many years not knowing that i will be having a daughter who is showing some interest into it.  I am excited that finally, keeping my fingers crossed, i will have a guitarist for a daughter. Yey!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bring It On

This is it! Three sets of books and notebooks that needs to be labeled and covered before school starts. One set for grade three, one stack for first year and another one for third year high school. I had personalized stamps made for the kids a year ago and they really come in handy, so i stamped on the books, but i still have to prepare sticker paper with their names, grade and sections. I am determined to finish this in one sitting .. bring it on!

Summer Cleaning

This is actually the last time will do my cleaning because summer is almost over. I have started with the kids clothes cabinet and have set aside quite a pile for give-aways because they do not fit them anymore and i know there are other people who would benefit from it. Will look at the state of our kitchen cabinets this afternoon and maybe put some oil on the hinges to make them smooth and noise free. I have asked help from Bea to scrub the kitchen tiles while i sort the tupperware and plastic containers. I really love to declutter and am putting myself into a zen state of mind to free myself of the things that we don't really use and need. I want to start with a clear mind so i don't have second thought if i should keep a thing or not ... my strategy will be "if i did not use it for more than a year then that means i don't need it" frame of mind, hahah! Goodluck to me and i know i will be able to be productive!

My Graduate

The saying "how time flies when you are having fun" is really true! I have another graduate! This school year i now have two high schoolers and one grade three student. In two years time i will be enrolling my eldest in College ... whew. It sure is fast ... have to cherish every moment of their young years before at a blink of an eye they are all grown up ... sob .. sniff.

Father's Day Comes

In about a week from now Father's Day will come. I miss my papa so much, this being our 2nd year without him since he went up to heaven. How time flies. I made a collage for him last year.

I miss him terribly. But life goes on ... and believe it or not i am happy for him that finally he is up in heaven. I am still blessed to have had a chance to be his daughter. On the other hand, my cousin has been hounding me on to what to give her Father on this very special day, luckily since i was on the internet the entire day yesterday for Bea's assignments, i chanced upon these cigar cutters that would really suit my uncle since he really smokes cigars. I am sure he would love this fancy gift. Will email the pictures to my cousin in a bit. To all those who have Father's still with them, do give them a tight hug, not just on the 16th of June but every chance you get.

Underwater Smiles

Bea and Sam loved swimming and their next favorite thing next to splashing around is having their pictures taken underwater! Here are just a few of the many poses they gamely did with their underwater camera. They have a liking to Taylor Swift's 22 song which is why they are flashing the number two in all the shots. Love their energy and their stamina to stay underwater and flash their pearly whites, hahaha!


The kids really enjoy taking a dip every chance they get this summer vacation. We rented a private house with a pool last weekend and our entire family had a great time. The house owner made sure that the water temperature was perfect for the kids even during night swimming so they installed pool heat pumps to ensure the proper temperature. We arrived there a little after lunch and the kids swam till eight in the evening. A lot of coaxing had to be done to make them come out of the water to eat and finally call it a day. They all woke up very early the next day to make the most of the half day at the house. Though it was quite a ride to get there it was sure all worth it, but then again i am just a passenger as i let Christian drive all the time, hehehe!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wifi Woes

My Smart router gave up and called in sick. No harm done if you think about it right? I called the Smart technical assistance and was advised that the router was deemed defective and since it was still under warranty i could easily have it replaced at their business office. The same day, off i went to the Bicutan business center with the defective router and explained the situation. They said they have no replacement at the moment, but they will be looking for one at the other branches and they will text me the next day. Simple. But no. After countless exchanges of texts, calls to their hotline and multiple visits to the different business centers around the metro, there was no available router to give me. It took more than a month when i finally hit bottom, and said enough is enough. I went to the business center (again) to cancel the account but they said they will have to charge me pre-termination fee.... what!? So the saga continues, the customer representative wrote management on my behalf to waive the penalty as the decision to close the account was not initiated by me but because Smart can not deliver. It has been three weeks since the letter for request to waive has been sent, until now my account remains active, yet i have no internet from them. It is so disappointing.

Moving Time

The time has come for us to finally move. We recently moved to where we are now same time last year, summer time. This is are only time to move as the kids do not have school and chances of rain when transporting our things is very slim. The last time we moved was last year, we stayed in our former house for seven years, but since the kids transferred to a bigger school i opted to move closer to where the kids will study. Don't get me wrong the present house we live in is actually good, but we are having a bit of a problem when it comes to parking our car. We initially had a sedan car and it was just perfect in the garage, but November last year, we got a van, and it does not fit the indoor garage. Sad to say, it has to be parked across our house, on the street. I get paranoid looking at the van parked there at night because of the many accidents one can get when it is out in the open. Another thing is we cannot keep it clean as we want to because it is exposed to dust and rain. So needless to say, we are moving to a bigger house with a much bigger garage next week. I am happy to announce that i am halfway done with packing since the kids are here in the house to help me, it is really a breeze. I have discarded a lot of things that we no longer will be needed and given to others who will have more use of it. I am minimizing clutter at the same time helping others. I can't wait to finish packing so i can enjoy the rest of the summer!

Brown Out

It was so hit yesterday afternoon, and what timing for a nationwide electrical power outage. We had no electricity for four hours, imagine the heat. I was fortunate to have charged my ipad and iphone the night before so at least this was a way to get in touch with the outside world. Most of my facebook friends were also posting about the power interruption and some even posted that they were heading to the nearest mall to while away the time until the power comes back. The kids and i waited it out because we were to hot to even dress up. We just took multiple showers to keep us cool. When the power finally came you could hear everyone shout in delight. Ah, the pure happiness one can get from the slow moving electric fan.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Office Style

Christian is lugging around his papers in three large envelopes and looking at him makes me feel his pain, he has to account for three things. I came across the samsonite briefcase and found it very classy. I am sure Christian would love to have one to keep his things and papers organized. I will get him one for his birthday for sure. This time i will be getting something i know will benefit him a lot and earn some approving looks in the office. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

Excited to show the kids too since they always ask what we will give their papa for his birthday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

It is Vin's first time to participate in our annual "palaspas" ritual in church yesterday. He was excited to wave the palm leaves to have it blessed by the priest to start off the Palm Sunday for the Holy Week.

He laughed when he got wet from the holy water, he said it was so cold.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone.


I recently got an email from a past client of mine, our last project was for the surprise birthday party of her mom and it was a success. This time around she contacted me because she is getting married to her long time boyfriend. I am so happy for her because she truly is a sweet lady. She has a race car theme for her reception and she want to have some cool give-aways, so now i am having some layouts for car magnet printing that we can use as one of her party favors. We also thought of car shades in her color motif so it can cater both old and young guests. She has a different kind of theme and i am challenged to pull this off with a flair.

Goodluck to me ... vroom vroom!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Was at the mall last weekend and came across this large sign, could not contain myself cause i thought it would be a great cover photo for my facebook page.

The kids gamely posed behind it, and viola, i have my very own lovely facebook cover with my three kids on it!

Love it!

My Graduate

Sam is graduating this month! Yey! I cannot believe i will be having two high schoolers when school starts again this June. She just had her graduation picture taken the other day and i can't wait to see them. She ordered a few dozens more to give out to her classmates who i understand will be trading their graduation pictures as a souvenier. I was actually looking at for class rings too for Sam's gift, i really want it be special. Time does really fly so fast, i can still remember when she just started pre-school and clinged on my hand and would not let go. These are the moments that i will forever cherish, because pretty soon they will all be grown up.

I am one lucky momma to be able to witness all these breathtaking events in the lives of my children.

Being a momma, rocks!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Got Milk?

I was never a coffee drinker and i think i never will.

I have always been a milk girl, loved milk when i was growing up and to this day i still try and drink at least a few glasses every week. I don't drink everyday though, but yo can safely say at least four times a week on an average.

I like my milk cold, not much of a hot drinker, maybe that is why i don't fancy coffee.

Milk is good for my bones ... what does coffee do?

I rest my case.

Three Now

Our little Choconut (mini dachshund) turns three!

She is the kindest most playful but never attempted to bite us in any way even when she was still a little puppy. She is simply the best!

We had her when she was just two weeks old and we love her ever since.

She is our first pet dog and the kids are very happy to have her. She is still so small even at three years old so Vin can easily carry her.

I cannot imagine my kids growing up withour our funny little nut!

Birthday Finds

Bea's birthday is really coming in really fast, in two weeks time to be exact and she will be turning fifteen. We gave her an advanced gift already so she can enjoy it already so now i am again in search for another gift for her actual birthday. Since she has found a new interests in guitars i am thinking of getting her  something related to her new found interest. I really want her to focus on this because it really spells a lot of difference if you know how to play at least one musical instrument. I know she will be good at it because she really can put her mind to it and excel in anything that she likes as long as the interest is really there. I am really banking on her to learn something new this summer, another additional talent that has yet to be tapped, but with the proper support i know she will go a long way with it.


Got some new shampoo and conditioner last night to keep my hair in tip top shape. I feel my hair has been under so much pressure after having undergone two bouts of coloring this year alone. Hydration is much needed and that is just what i am looking for in a shampoo.

Excited to try this out later, hope it delivers its promise to my tresses that really needs my tender loving care.


This is one of my favorite picture, such a tight shot. My kids have really grown up really fast! I can't believe that next month, Bea and Vin will be celebrating their birthdays. Bea will turn fourteen and Vin will be nine, so fast! Sam will be graduating from grade school next month too.

Time sure flies!

They have different interests now, Bea has been thinking of having music lessons and she is quite keen on learning to play the guitar. I found a great school for her already and will be visiting it this weekend, we will be looking at some starting guitars for her so she can have her own. I found some great looking ones complete with a cool accessories for my eager student.

Sam is thinking of enrolling in for some voice lessons. Vin on the other hand just wants to stay home and play on his laptop, lol! Different strokes for different folks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pre Valentine

Christian came home exactly at midnight because he had a bowling tournament, and he was just in time for Valentine, and he had pizza and flowers for us.


Since i was the only one awake, i ate one slice only so the girls can have it for breakfast. We all had one rose each, red for me and white for the girls.

How was your valentine? Hope it was good.

Musical Display

My kids and i just love going around the malls even without a specific thing to buy. We love to walk around and go into stores and suprisingly find something we like and we did not even know about. It is like a scavengers hunt for things that are really a cool find.We went inside a auto supply store and came out with soft pillows for back, who would think you would find them there, lol! We went to a music store and saw an array of musical instruments guitars to organs to recorders and to drums that Vin tried so many times. We were able to buy a small flute though and to try our hand on reading the notes and maybe get a decent sound from it. I really love going leisurely around the mall, stress is a no-no when it comes to our shopping adventures, we just want to take it really slow.

Kwek Kwek

Have you tried it?

Kwek-kwek a native delicacy. I posted this picture on Facebook, my kids enjoying kewk-kwek right after hearing mass when one of my friends abroad asked what it was, lol!

For us Filipinos, it is a common street food, so i kind of took it for granted that everyone knows what it is. My bad.

It is actually considered a street food (since a lot of carts are plying the streets with this food) it is quail eggs in orange batter and cooked deep fried. They are served in small containers with toothpicks instead of fork and they are smothered with sauce that you can choose from, my kids love the sweet and sour sauce over the spicy one.

So there, kwek kwek.

Loving Hearts

Valentine's Day is really a big production here, we really try to go out of our usual activities to make our special someone feel more special with the things we give them It might be a very simple gift, card, letter and they will surely feel our love. I was able to look into some cute gifts for Christian and of course Valentine's day is not just for hubbies but for the kiddies as well, so i got them some of their favorite chocolates and Christian gave us flowers.

It was a day filled with love if you ask me.

Looking forward to another year long of loving!

My Emcee

Went to school today to watch Bea do her very first stint as an emcee. She and her schoolmate were chosen to be the emcee for their school's Science Inventor's Day activity. I was seated at the back because parents were really not allowed to come, but that day i made a trip to the accounting office and paid some graduation fees for Sam, so i decided to take a peek.

I marveled at how Bea handles it, her voice was very clear and lively! She was really great!

Another proud momma moment for me!

Safety First

Finally we are transferring to our new house this year! I am so excited! After so many renovations it is finally over, we are just waiting for the finishing touches then we will be moving in. I have seen a lot of plans for the house and it really is great news that it now all set and the plans are final, no more revisions. The entire time of construction i had very little participation since it involved the construction of rooms and the flooring, but now that the interior aspect is going to be done i will be taking over. I have picked the furniture and lights to be used for every room and now i am fixing up the bathroom. I am so excited because i was able to fin tiles for the bathroom that is anti-slippery especially since the kids will be all wet and soapy in the bathroom. I made sure that the electrical switches are well hidden so water cannot go into it from all the splashing, i also looking at robern medicine cabinets to keep put first aid supplies at bay. You can never be too careful when you have kids at home. It really pays to secure the safety, because like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is way better than a pound of cure. So there!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Road Trip

We have started a road trip ritual.

Before we embark on a trip, whether long or just a short ride we pass by the ice cream store to get the kids some ice cream cones. They are very excited every time they ride because they know a cool treat is on the way.

Making travel time cool and comfortable for my three kiddies.

School Work

Sam came home today with several assignments and a project in her music class. She had a few english, math and science assignments that she easily dived into. She actually do not ask for help in doing assignments unless she really needs to, she is very confident with her answers. Her one project in music was a compilation of different instruments that is popular these days help us with this project. We found at that there are actually a lot of innovations since the music of the 60"s and 70's and she is excited to show this to her teacher and classmates.

At my age and the generation gap Sam and i have, i actually feel that something still remains constant ... the love for music is always going to be there no matter what age you are!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Vin and Choconut are the official seatmates whenever we travel. Both love sitting with each other and keep other company. Sometimes if it is a long ride i see them both snuggled on the chair with a blanket on top of them. They are pals for life!

Armed and Protected

Our little Choconut had her yearly series of shots to keep her protected from any illness and rabies that plague dogs. Although she does not go out of the house to have any contact with other dogs with rabies it was best to have her protected as well.

I got her a new kind of vitamins too that not only give her the vitamins and minerals she needs but to keep her coat shiny.

Her vet also gave her a chewable medicine that will free her from any attacks of worms, mosquitoes and also protect her heart from any disease.

Our little princess is armed ... and protected.

Unique Invite

I just finished a big order of birthday invitations in cd form last week. It was a very novel idea, to give music cds as an invite to the guests of the party. My client gave me a list of songs that the celebrant really likes and that will be played at the party so the guests will already know the songs so they can enjoy it better. The front part is where the party details were, the picture of the celebrant and all the party details, i just needed to design one layout and had the others cd insert duplication and just placed them all in a transparent crystal case.

It was a very interesting invite, plus the guests can keep the cd to play in the car or at home even after the party. Loved the idea, it was very unique and you are sure your guests won't be discarding the invite once the party is over.