Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Cake

My favorite cake ... the fruit cake!

Sinful and so rich .. and i love it! I really feel that Christmas is coming with just one bite of my long time favorite dessert.

I can finish one entire loaf in two days. Yum, yum yum!

News Alert

This just came in, the proposed bill to increase taxes on cigarettes and liquor has been approved by the senate and will take effect early 2013. The added tax will help the health centers fund projects and also help the country with ongoing developments. I may not be affected by the tax because i do not smoke nor drink, but my mom will surely feel the pinch. She has been smoking since i can remember and says it really relaxes her especially after a heavy meal. Looks like cigarettes will be a prized possession when the time comes and cigar auction will be famous. My mom on the other hand started buying cigarettes by the ream to make sure she has a steady supply of her favorite brand before the price gets high.

Smart move.

Morning Faces

These are the happy and fresh faces that bids me goodbye every morning when we bring them to school. These faces are proof that i have it all, it my constant reminder to take things in stride and to always remember how blessed we are.

I love these faces to bits.

They are my life!

Cool Strip

I was going through my usual routine of surfing the net for cool products and i chanced upon the alcohol test strips and i found it really cool! I am familiar with strips for testing acidity since we used this kind of strips in our science experiments when i was younger, the lithmus test if i remember it right. It was placing the strip of paper under your armpit to check the acid of your sweat. The alcohol strip on the other hand when placed inside the mouth will test for the presence of alcohol in the saliva, a great way to check during check points for driving under the influence of alcohol.

This is one cool strip, very useful than letting the person walk in a straight line if you ask me.

Sticker Us

Lookie! Lookie!

Had our family made into a stick figure cartoonish car sticker family, tee hee!

I love it!

Can't wait to have the car cleaned so we can have this on. Love it!

Morning Ritual

Like i said in my earlier post, i watch tv while eating breakfast, keeps me company so i don't feel sad while eating, tee hee! One of my favorite show to watch in the morning is The Ellen Degeneres show and love to watch her dance. She would often turn to Tony (their music dj) and he is shown moving some levers on his computer to finally dish out a danceable tune and the crowd goes wild!

I would dance a bit with the audience, but unlike them i am dancing my way to the sink to deposit my dishes that i used and then tackle the unwashed dishes while dancing to keep me amused and not think of the chores.

Mind over matter is the key.

Two Weeks

Just two weeks ... and school is out!

Christmas vacation is coming really soon, and i am excited for the kids and for me, lol! How i wish i could savor my bed longer in the morning. I usually wake up at 4:30am to prepare the kids for school. I cook their lunch and prepare breakfast, wake them up and dress the little boy (the girls can take care of themselves) and they leave at around 6:30am.

I go with the husband in taking them to school and then head home soon after. I am now faced with their beds, dishes to wash and other household things.

I open the tv and sit for a few minutes, have a light breakfast and then do my chores. I usually try to squeeze in some time to exercise, but sometimes i am already too tired to do that, hahaha!

So, Christmas break will really be worth waiting for!

Christmas Program

Sam's class has been practicing for their Christmas program as early as now to make sure that everyone is prepared. She plays a part of a horse rider so i am putting together her costume, we will be needing a cap, breeches, long sleeved shirt and some boots. The school will be in charge of making the pretend pony that she will be riding. The theme of their play is being a good friend to others and they will happen in an exclusive all girls riding school. I am excited that Sam is playing a big part, because she is quite shy, so this will really bring out the best of her. I just love school plays! I can't wait to see my Sammie girl in action!

Royal Twins


Just got my e-magazine subscription of Star Mag this morning. Loved it that Kate is out of the hospital and is doing well, and what made it more exciting is the news that she is expecting twins!

They actually have names picked out this already.

Royal celebration!