Thursday, November 22, 2012

Picture Perfect

Vin has a lot of great pictures from his field trip so i am on a hunt for an affordable print shop website where i can do everything online. Going out and having it printed in a store can really take too much of time especially since the three kids come home at different times.

The shots that Christian took of Vin really captured the fun times he had with his classmates and friends. I am thinking of making a collage with the pictures and framing it. I just love the faces that Vin showed in the pictures. He is growing up really fast so i really have to document everything. Everything has to be picture perfect!

Petra Mahalimuyak

Have you heard about her?

She is a Filipina who is based in America who plays around using a very thick accent of english. There are a lot of people who frown on this saying she is actually degrading the Filipinos. You can catch a lot of her videos on You Tube doing a lot of things having some short tutorials.

Personally, i find her funny and amusing. Those who find her offensive may be seeing he rin a diffrent light. Its all for fun really.

December Carols

It is the time of year again that children are out in the streets at night singing carols to the differebt houses around the neighborhood. It is such a joyous sound to hear really. So festive!

I remember when i was younger, my siblings and would also be excited and we would get our instruments ready. If this happened today i would surely go and get us geared up for the holiday carols.

I have to have loose coins ready when the kids visit our house later, and i am thinking instead of coins to give them small packs of candies. I am sure my kids would love to go carolling as well given the chance, but their school work is too much to handle that they do not have the strength to go out around the village.

Growing up

My little boy had an out of town school field trip and i thought he might not be able to handle the long trip as it took three hours to get to their destination. Vin went with Christian who had to be absent from work to accompany Vin. Suprisingly, Vin did not even feel dizzy the entire trip as he was talking to his classmates along the way.

He watched an aquatic show that features seals and dolphins. They also went to a large aquarium exhibit that kept Vin's eyes really entertained with all the colorful fish.swimming before him.

All in all Vin had a great time and was talking about the experience for two straight days, lol!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I have been looking around for ideas for Christian's Christmas gift, i was able to get him a novelty shirt last week, it was a black shirt with a prunt of the torso of Batman (the superhero) complete with abs, lol! I am sure he will find it funny especially that i have been teasing him that his abs are absent, hahaha!

I am also planning on looking at some leather wallets because this has been our tradition every year, a new wallet every year to signify new luck.

I am also thinking of getting him something bowling related this being his favorite sport, the only problem is the stores here are so limited. I am starting early, so i am confident i will score a great gift.

Ber Heat

I thought now that the -ber months have started it would cool down even just a notch ... but it is getting more hot and humid as the day goes. I actually started to develop a migraine just sitting down because of this terrible heat. My little boy for the first time in eight years had a nose bleed because of the heat. I was scared at first but upon consultation with our doctor she said it was normal for the blood vessels in his nose to react this way. She taught me what to do in case it happens again.

I want snow ... duh?

Operation DIY

Lately now that i have some free time on my hands because i no longer teach, i have been bitten by the creativity bug and have been doing some do-it-yourself (DIY) stuff that i did not have time for. I have made some cute hairclips from my old plastic and cloth floral ornaments and with the help of my trusted glue gun i get to make one of a kind hair pieces. I also have been frequenting websites that carry diy stuff, craft stores and even an online garden supply shop. I also found a sudden interest to grow some potted vegetables having been inspired looking at a few pocket gardens.

I really want doing these things, it relaxes me and gives me something creative to do with my free time. Love it!