Saturday, October 27, 2012

Karaoke Night

We had a great time last night!

Karaoke time really brings out the singer in everyone, including me!

I like singing but only in the confines of my bathroom, and i can take hours there, but when out i really am a bit shy to unleash my singing prowess, lol!

I must admit, i lack short in that department.

Christian on the other hand, loves the crowd, hahaha!

My siblings share the love for karaoke and for some reason i joined in with much gusto that i forgot i was actually shy. My sister who always frequented the karaoke bar knew how to play with the pitch controls to help me find the pitch just right for my voice. She dove in and adjusted knobs, the right jack and we were on a roll!

I liked my voice out in public, but i still would not trade my bathroom concerthall for anything, lol!

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