Saturday, October 27, 2012


We are registered here for the trick or treat activity on the 31st!

It was an online registration and was really lucky to be able to get in. The link was posted at exactly 12 noon and everyone waited for this, in a matter of 10mins registration was closed.

200 slots were filled up in record time!

Was able to register my three kids, it really pays to be on the net at the exact time.

Kids are excited, and so am i!

Giving In

Christian has been hounding me if he could get a motorcycle, and he gave me tons of reasons on why i should say yes to it. One of the main reasons were that it saves money, gas wise. Another one is it cuts his travel time in half, no traffic.And so many other things that i secretly i find reasonable and true.With this concern of mine out in the open, Christian showed me a lot of safety gear that he will be wearing to give me my peace of mind, from helmets, shin guards, heavy duty padded jackets and safety fog glasses so ease me. I am actually geared towards letting him take this alternate route pretty soon. Especially that Christian will not be letting up really soon.


Good morning!

Prepared a heart breakfast for my sembreakers this morning. When they got down all of them had this hearty plate of energy food waiting for them.

We are on vacation!


Back to school again on November 5, still a long way to go.

Bring it on!

Karaoke Night

We had a great time last night!

Karaoke time really brings out the singer in everyone, including me!

I like singing but only in the confines of my bathroom, and i can take hours there, but when out i really am a bit shy to unleash my singing prowess, lol!

I must admit, i lack short in that department.

Christian on the other hand, loves the crowd, hahaha!

My siblings share the love for karaoke and for some reason i joined in with much gusto that i forgot i was actually shy. My sister who always frequented the karaoke bar knew how to play with the pitch controls to help me find the pitch just right for my voice. She dove in and adjusted knobs, the right jack and we were on a roll!

I liked my voice out in public, but i still would not trade my bathroom concerthall for anything, lol!


The election fever is starting early. I have seen quite a few number of political ads on the tv and heard some catchy jingles on the radio. Soon i will be seeing tshirts with the faces of the candidates, personalized pins with their slogans and even tarpaulin banners all over the metro. Election will be for next year but a lot has made their intentions clear and hoping that they leave a mark on the voter's minds and get their names on our ballots.

Speaking of the elections, i have to register all over again, because for some reason my name is no longer at the official list of registered voters. I want my vote to be counted and heard so i will really watch out for the schedule for the registration for voters.

I want my finger to have the indelible ink soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012


My little boy had his routine haircut ... and he is not happy at all.

Look at his face, lol!

He never liked the so called "pampering", he said it took so long and it gets really itchy around his neck area and it goes down to his back. I always have to bribe him with a chocolate bar to ease the pain, lol!

Carols Are Up

Was at the mall this morning and guess what? Christmas carols are playing! You can feel it in the air, Christmas is coming sooner than you think. I just love Christmas! I guess when you grow old and have kids Christmas joy is felt in the giving not in the receiving. I get so excited when i get something for my kids and really wonder how their faces will look when they get it. I guess i really have the Christmas as spirit in me. I have been trying my hand on playing the flute to get some Christmas tunes up and about. I am sure the kids will be amazed to see me dish out some songs. I know how to use the recorder and have some songs up my sleeves, so i guess it would not be too hard. So excited to start carolling!


Due to another typhoon that just showed itself this morning, classes in all levels are now suspended. The only thing that irks me is the kids are already in school. I really would like to see the weather people declare the suspension of classes before the children go to school in the morning. Not only does it endager the kids since they are out of the houses already, but it creates a temporary chaos of who is going to pick up who.

The only thing i am thankful for is the kids ride the school bus going home, but since all levels go home at the same time there is a bit of confusion on who will take the first trip first. We live near the school, so we are always on the first batch.

Here is little choconut waiting for the school bus to come.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here i am helping my cousin plan her wedding, and we have been at it for two months now. We have been talking to a lot of suppliers and we are actually closing on some major decisions as early as now. The one thing we have not yet ironed out is the choice for their souveniers. We are thinking of giving out  personalized coin  for their principal sponsors and maybe small baskets filled with semi precious stones for their female guests. She wants everything to be perfect and i could not agree more. We have worked so hard for all the preparations and i know given the amount of time we still have, everything will work out just perfect.

It really pays to plan ahead of time, minimizes the pressureanda stress and really be able to come up with the best choices.