Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twelve happy

Happy Birthday my Sammie Girl!

Sam marked her twelve years, and she spent the day wearing her Fiona inspired costume (a character in a television show "Adventure Time") that she really wanted.

We celebrated it at my mom's house so all her cousins can come and share a small birthday treat.

I wonder what Sam would like next year when she finally becomes a teenager. (nervous now ..)

Growing Pains

My girls are really growing up, gone are the days when we would frequent amusement centers while we while away our time at the mall. I remember the kids would just be happy with some game token playing video games while i did my errand in the mall, and Christian watched over them. These days, they would rather sit down in a restaurant that offered free wifi and would just surf and play with the ipad.

Soon, they will be off to high school and college and i will be scouting for cheap class rings for girls to mark their advancement.

Time really moves so fast ... i think i said that in my other post ... but that statement does hold water. Wish i could hold on to them much longer, but of course i want them to dream high and achieve big things for themselves. Motherhood is bliss really, but it can really  make you sentimental when you see your children grow up right before your eyes.

Baby Love

Here is the collage i posted at Facebook to greet my little Sammie girl. She turned twelve ... i cannot believe she will be a teenager on her next birthday.

Sob, sniff.

Time flies soooo fast.


Sam just celebrated her 12th birthday last Saturday and it still amazes me how time has really flown.My little baby has really turned into one fine lady. We went to mass and i prayed to God not to ask for anything but to thank Him for all that He has given us. I would often sit comfortably on the worship chairs and really take time to thank Him for all the blessings. He has truly given us so much to be thankful for and our family is very appreciative of all those things. I may not claim to be rich financially, but in spirit we are millionaires. I give all the glory and goodness to Him, he is our Savior and our family loves Him!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The time arrived ... release of first quarter report cards of my three kids. Again, i am never disappointed, they did well!

All three of them are in the top 10 in their respective classes. I never pressured them to give me honors or merit cards, all i wanted them to do is to do their best and to enjoy school. I am fortunate that they really love going to school and learning new things, so getting good grades come naturally.

So proud of my three kiddies!


It is the time of the year where Christian's office will be undergoing evaluation of all their employees performance and output. I said that could be quite a task, considering the fact that there are hundred of them. He said they actually get results as early as week and they are all appraised and they are given certain amount for a salary adjustment depending on how much you have contributed to the company's performance for the year. He even said they have a system called InetSoft's dashboard scorecard that helps them heaps. I wonder what Christian's score will be, and this will really spell a difference in our monthly income. I am optimistic though because Christian has always been an achiever and really gives his best in all that he does. No worries, just excited to know the result.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Achey Breakey Back

Ouch. For three days now i have been plagued by back pain. It is not the throbbing pain, worse its a constant pain that really bother me. It is not alleviated even if i am lying down. I might have to start moving my muscles more, do some stretching in the morning before i go on with cooking the food for the kids. Will take it really slow so i don't strain more muscles. Thank God its Friday .. weekend tomorrow, my only chance to sleep late. Yey!

DIY project

Christian is a great believer of D-I-Y projects, and i support him all the way, don't get me wrong. But there are times when i feel it is better to have a professional take over on some jobs, not only does a professional ensure a fast and efficient result, but in the long run saves us more money. But i guess the feeling of accomplishment is something that you can never get when you have it done by other people when you feel you can do it yourself. I guess, the feeling is like whenever i have a haircut gone bad, and know in my heart that i cut my own hair it would far be a better good job, since i know exactly what i want snipped away. So support for the hubby is underway when we visit the local hardware to look for specific size of bolts,wearstrips, screws and spray paint. I love visiting the hardware, so many things to see, Christian can get lost there for hours and come out happy and content with his loot.