Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Musical First

Took the kids to watch "The Wizard of Oz" musical play last weekend, it was opening night so i thought there would be a lot of people. I did not have tickets for myself, because these tickets were given to me as a birthday gift, but i decided to let the girls watch it instead because i know they will really enjoy it.

I was not wrong, they really loved it!

Since this was the very first time that they will be watching by themselves i asked permission from the theater if i could just go in with them and bring them to their seats, they allowed me, so i got them the best seats. Since i did not want to go far from the theater i just went around the mall while Bea and Sam were watching. The play lasted for an hour and a half and when i finished my shopping i went back and waited by the door for them. When they went out they were both smiling and said that the cast was allowing people to come up the stage to have pictures taken with them. I hurriedly went in with them and got these cute shots with the cast for the girls to remember.

Note to self, my kids are already big enough to handle themselves in a theater, but that does not stop me from lingering around wherever they go.

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