Friday, August 10, 2012


I was never into clubbing when i was single, i found it too loud to make any decent conversation plus i don't drink. I don't think i can ever get into the hanging of drinking any alcoholic beverage, not that i want to start now, lol! My sister on the other hand loves going to clubs with her friends (she is single) and marvels at the bands playing every night. She knows a lot about instruments now than me and could easily spot a from across the room. She even has favorite band members that play every night and would really make it an effort to go and seek them out when they are done playing so she could congratulate them. She loves listening to their songs and would even go up on stage if a volunteer was asked to sing with them and jam with the band. My sister is a trooper when it comes to singing with her favorite band on stage. She is our performer in the family.

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