Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eye Candy

Was reading a magazine and came across an advertisment of the newest novel of one of my favorite authors. I was so excited that i purchased it from itunes right away ... excited to start reading it!

Just to share, my girls also share the happiness in reading like me, that i cannot say about Vin who would rather play on his laptop than read a book, but then again he is only eight.


Now that i am no longer teaching full time, i have a lot of free time on my hands to do thing i always liked to do. I am a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) gal, from cross stiching to crochet and my favorite scrapbooking. I have books for my little ones complete with memorabilia and souveniers of a particular place, label of their favorite food or anything that can be relevant to them to see when they grow up. I also have homemade friendship bracelets, rosaries that i made using crystal teardrops, bracelets and anklets made from pearls and gems. I also made some hair clips with small semi precious stones on it in different colors to match what you are wearing or the mood you are in.

I love my free time ... it is my me time where i can express myself through my creations.

Study Time

Our afternoon ritual, study time.

Vin comes home around two o'clock, i serve him snacks, give him a bath, let him watch a few minutes in the telly then we are off to business.

I am so glad that he likes doing his assignments early with no complaints coming from him. We finish in about an hour or sometimes extend thirty minutes more but i do not see any resistance from my little school boy.

When we are all done, i look at the clock and in a few hours the girls come and its their turn to this study ritual. Again, no complaints. Whew.

Music To My Ears

Since the girls enjoyed the "Wizard of Oz" musical so much they are now asking if they could enroll in voice lessons. I would surely grab the opportunity and seize the moment when they are interested to musically inclined. They know how to play the piano, a few chords on the guitar and are great with recorders. I remember when we would frequent music stores and be acquainted with different instruments like the  banjos and even shiny looking drum sets. I really want my girls to develop their talents, and since they are the ones who brought this up it would not look like it was an obligation, but it would be a privilege.

So here is to having our home filled with good music in just a couple of weeks.

Kiss Kiss

This is one of my latest loot!

While the girls were inside the theater i was able to shop around myself and found this, yey!

I always have a weakness for a great lip balm, and this makes it a double treat because aside from it being an effective lip moisturizer, there is a splash of long wearing color as well.

Got the shade named Amore ... love.

Musical First

Took the kids to watch "The Wizard of Oz" musical play last weekend, it was opening night so i thought there would be a lot of people. I did not have tickets for myself, because these tickets were given to me as a birthday gift, but i decided to let the girls watch it instead because i know they will really enjoy it.

I was not wrong, they really loved it!

Since this was the very first time that they will be watching by themselves i asked permission from the theater if i could just go in with them and bring them to their seats, they allowed me, so i got them the best seats. Since i did not want to go far from the theater i just went around the mall while Bea and Sam were watching. The play lasted for an hour and a half and when i finished my shopping i went back and waited by the door for them. When they went out they were both smiling and said that the cast was allowing people to come up the stage to have pictures taken with them. I hurriedly went in with them and got these cute shots with the cast for the girls to remember.

Note to self, my kids are already big enough to handle themselves in a theater, but that does not stop me from lingering around wherever they go.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Band Member

 My sister owning the stage when she was called to sing a major song with her favorite band. She rocked it!

So proud of my little sister!


I was never into clubbing when i was single, i found it too loud to make any decent conversation plus i don't drink. I don't think i can ever get into the hanging of drinking any alcoholic beverage, not that i want to start now, lol! My sister on the other hand loves going to clubs with her friends (she is single) and marvels at the bands playing every night. She knows a lot about instruments now than me and could easily spot a from across the room. She even has favorite band members that play every night and would really make it an effort to go and seek them out when they are done playing so she could congratulate them. She loves listening to their songs and would even go up on stage if a volunteer was asked to sing with them and jam with the band. My sister is a trooper when it comes to singing with her favorite band on stage. She is our performer in the family.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movie Date

After fourteen years, Christian and i entered the movie house as a couple. Yup, you read it right, fourteen years. lol!

Eversince we got kids we never went out to watch a movie and leave the kids home. Now that Bea is fourteen and Vin is eight, we now can let them have their play dates and we can watch feeling secured because they are already big.

The real story ... finally my separation anxiety is over, hahaha!

So here's to more movie dates to come!


My cousin gave birth to a very healthy, bouncing, little boy, their first!

They are very excited with this blessing and they want to do everything right, they sent out announcement cards to family and friends, posted on facebook and twitter and now they are asking for my help to find them the cheapest place to buy cigars to really celebrate the coming of their special little boy.

They have several names lined up, i wonder how they will finally choose. My cousin is actually thinking of running an online popularity contest on her blog to make her readers pick the best name for their little bundle. I am so excited for them and want to help her in any way i can.