Friday, July 27, 2012

Starting Right

My yummy appetizer, which i actually had to stop myself from eating all of it because i getting really full and it will ruin my entire meal. I just love this cracklings dipped in vinegar.


My Day

My day is coming up really soon!

Well, actually not for another month, but i can be excited, lol!

Christian has been asking me what i would like, suddenly an image of a  blackberry play book comes to mind, yipee!

I wonder how can i input that glorious detail to the hubby without me implying it. I am playing innocent here but i still have expectations.Tee hee!

My last birthday he gave me an ipad, Christmas was an iphone 4s ... so it has got to be a techie gift again. Maybe i will let him see me go over websites looking at the specs and maybe he gets the idea. Will try and do that within the week.

Birthday girl scheming here.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Like it Big

I have been opening my Instagram app from my phone and i actually had no problems accessing the pictures when i decided to try and download it to my Ipad.

I opened it from the Ipad and was really thrilled that the pictures are so big! Suddenly the pictures i get from the iphone pales in comparison with the Ipad.

So goodbye IG via phone ... hello IG with my Ipad ... love the size!

Celebrating Life

My grandmother is turning 92 next month!

As Vin said "Her number is so high!" Tee hee!

I wonder what to give her? She actually has everything she needs but i don't want to go there empty handed. So now i am letting my creative juices flow thinking of nice gifts for grandmothers that she will really appreciate.

Last year, i gave her a nightdress with matching soft fluffy slippers, and i actually see her use it. I am thinking of getting her something that she can use for herself and not just a knick knack because i think she is past the 'for display gifts' by now.

What about a fruit basket? A bath soap basket?

I wonder ... but it has to really nice, reaching the age of 92 is such a feat!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is what is left of the super yummy homemade avocado ice cream Christian made for me the other day. It went by so fast!

It really relieved me from the heat, plus i still get my calcium and fruit nutrient rolled into one!

To make one on your own, you just need ripe avocadoes, sugar and milk. Mix them all together and freeze ... viola!

Yummy and healthy!

First Place

Sam came home the other day with a happy smile. She was radiant when she got down the school bus. The moment she got in i asked her what happened in school. She said with a very proud smile, "mama, something awesome happened today ... wait i will show you something!"

And right there and there she whips out of her bag a gold medal .. wow! She said she won the first place spot for the table setting category contest during their Nutrition week activities.

I remember when i was studying in college, we also had contests like these and we would always come complete with catering supplies to make our table complete and beautiful.

She said her group was assigned to execute a buffet table setting and obviously it was the best among all the sections in their grade level.

So proud of her!

This starts their school year ... great start!

Shopping Spree Me

Went to a short, impromptu but much needed shopping for myself. A first!

I usually do not buy anything for myself (unless its a good red lipstick, but only if i finish my current one) and this trip really was a nice and quick activity. I got two pair of jeans and a few tops to revive my wardrobe, was kinda having second thoughts if i would still go through it while i was on my way to the cashier. Luckily, the counter had some sort of cash register express that made my checking out a breeze. I actually did not have enough time  to think again and leave a few of the things i originally had in my hands. I kind of feel guilty of buying things for myself but Christian insisted that i do these, so i reluctantly yet happily oblige.

Can't wait to debut my dark jeans!