Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cover Photo

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, i made this cover photo for my facebook page, these pictures are pre-marriage photos. A lot of my friends commented that we were always wearing identical shirts, lol!

I remember, Christian and i loved wearing couple shirts before ... hmmm, actually we still do now, but this time Christan and Vin dress the same, while the girls and i have similar ones.

Gift of Music

My niece is good at playing the guitar. She started last school year as a requirement for school, little did she know that she would actually like it and she really excelled. My sister makes it a point to be there during her performances to support her new found hobby. Her birthday is coming up so i asked my sister what she thinks i could give her that she will appreciate, and she said i might like to for my niece. I am now on the lookout after being all thumbs on what to get her. This is a picture of our car when we came out of the shopping mall last night in searching for a gift for her. Last car standing, lol! But that scenario won't happen again, now that i know that the gift of music will bring joy to the birthday girl.

Anniversary Dinner

Celebrated our wedding anniversary last May 24, it has been 15 years.

WE spent the day at home and went out for dinner with the kids. Took a picture of my favorite food before i devoured it, heheh!

Song For Me

Last Mother's Day, we were already in the car and was going to have dinner when the three kids (Bea started it) said they wanted to sing me a song. I whipped my phone and set it on video and said "Okay, i am ready." They put out their phone and played a song and the three of them joined in and sang the most beautiful song i have ever heard. I was trying not to show them that i was already close to tears because i did not want them to stop. I love hearing their voices, all in different tones and their makeshift instruments and did what they could do inside the car. It was one of the best gifts i have ever received, aside from hugs and kisses of course.


Last week, Christian came home with this plaque. He was awarded the Globe Way Award, and he said he was the only one in his department to receive one. So proud of him, he is a well deserved awardee if you ask me!

Water Works

I asked for help from the neighborhood plumber to install the washing machine in the laundry area because it requires some sort of Tube Bending for it to fit properly to my desired place. I want my machine elevated from the actual laundry floor to ensure that water do not touch the machine's base. Even if the machine promises a no rust and waterproof body i still do not want to take chances, i have learned my lesson from my previous one (which by the way served for more than ten years) it turned into rust at the bottom because of the water passing there whenever i drain the water.

I am not taking any chances on my new "best friend" and partner in the laundry department. Better safe than sorry.

I can't wait to set up and hit the laundry basket!

Washing Away

My most recent purchase! Yey!

My old machine can finally retire, it has been hallucinating for quite some time and i was just ignoring it, stretching it to its limits. I am so excited to do my laundry. I just love seeing an empty hammer and a filled up clothes line.

Sleeping Time

Since we transferred house and the kids now have a much bigger room i decided to give them sleeping arrangements that will still give them their own space even if they are in one room. I was browsed through and was inspired to get the kids a triple deck bed. It is actually a double deck bed, but i had a pull out bed customized for the little boy.
They now make their own beds and make sure that they are all clean and tidy. During the day they are in each others beds doing their own thing which is mostly on their laptops. I took a picture of them at work (haha!) and they all looked very busy with their own thing.

I let them pick their own sheets to get them involved. We will be shopping for wall stickers on the weekend for their small spaces on the walls.

This is just a space saver!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Me

This was me ... centuries ago. Hahaha! This is a picture i posted on facebook as a greeting to my mom on Mother's Day celebration. My mama really looked good, she rocked the shades.

By the way, we were on a horse.

Circle of Life

Christian has long been in the accounting arena for the longest time and i am amazed at how he is able to crunch the numbers, even Bea nad Sam's math assignments. lol!

I would be in charge of handling the english, science and all the other subjects while i leave the math to very competent hands and mind. He has a way of understanding it and explaining it to the kids complete with shortcuts and secrets that leaves me baffled.

Must be really great to be a cpa, which is why when i came across the best cpa network i had Christian  in mind. Father's day is coming up next month so this will be in my list.

I was never good at numbers when i was smaller, my father too always tutored me and now Christian tutors the kids, the circle of life i may say.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

It's this weekend!

I have the perfect gift for my mom!

I what Christian will give me ... tee hee!


Devoted one whole weekend for the kids and me to do some DIY's and put our creativity in action without using the computer and graphic program ... just our two able hands and a very creative mind. Bea made a lot of handcrafted greeting cards, Sam drew a lot of posters with embelishments and Vin and i tried making puzzles out of our old photos and used some puzzle glue to do the trick.

It was an afternoon filled with laughter and talking, we heard no clicking of the mouse, alerts of new mail and the clattering of the keyboard, it was really fun ... bonding at its finest!

They said they had a lot of fun and we decided to dedicate on weekend every month to arts and craft moments to strengthen not only our creativity but our bond as a family.

Can't wait for our next weekend date!

I Gotta

I got to have this!

This has got to be the cutest iphone camouflage case i have ever seen.

Love it!

Cool Office

My brother just transferred to another office last month and has been inviting me to come and see how cool his new dig is. He would show me during one our facetime calls and i must admit nothing beats seeing the real thing in the flesh.

We dropped by his "cool" office yesterday when i was making errands and i was really impressed on how big and spacious it was, plus the gadgets that came with it. He was acting like a cool host showing all the secret places and innovations this new office had compared to the previous one. He even made a call and showed off his video conferencing services that came with his position. It was really a nice place, there even was a lounge area for his kids whenever they visit as it is equipped with a giant led tv with dvds of different kinds.

I am proud of what my brother has accomplished for himself, good job.