Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Terrible Traffic

Christian comes home really tired after driving home from work. The traffic is terrible. Bumper to bumper even on the costly Skyway which he takes just so he can come home early, but even that is jampacked and bottle neck would be a tame word to describe the traffic he gets every morning and especially during rush hour.

He said the only ones that gets to move are the motorcycles that have becoming popular these days. It is a sure way to combat the traffic jams and the high price of gasoline. I have my apprehensions of Christian riding a motorcycle, but he assures me that he will be very careful and really invest in a good and sturdy gear for protection like the shoei motorcycle helmets that will ensure his safety. I have seen how some motorcycle drivers drive and they are fast and they really squeeze themselves between cars, but Christian is pointing out that he will be very careful and that i should consider it an option.

I said i will think about it, and Christian looks at me like i already said "yes".

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