Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Cleaning

The kids had a great time since summer started, we have been to some theme parks, went swimming twice in different places, celebrated the Holy Week and had easter activities. I must say summer started for them even before summer really set in because the onset of rain during the first week of April. So now that i feel the kids have mellowed down and are facing their laptops the inevitable must come .... summer cleaning!

I love cleaning the house, this is one of the many activities i love to do. I actually do not have enough time to do it, and summer is the perfect time to declutter. I started yesterday looking at the towering pile od cd and dvds on the floor and i know i should look around for a nice cd storage so the kids can finally have a permanent place to keep them.

My main mission now is to find the perfect spot for it. I have to rummage through all the things we have accumulated the entire year and close my eyes and dispose some of it to people who will need it more, i have so much stuff. I really need to organize and fast!

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