Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Awardee

I also have my own awardee! Bea's first year in her new school and her first year in high school proved to be fruitful once again. I was thinking she might not be able adjust right away, but i was wrong, she moved in pretty well and was able to get her bearings in tune with the other students and the flow of high school life.

She said she will be better next school year because she knows more people now than when she first entered. Christian and i gifted her an ipod nano for doing good in school, we always give them gifts after the school year ends wether or not they have awards or not (but they usually have :P ) not as a prize for their medals but as a good job gift for another year ended.

I am proud of my kids attitude towards school and i hope they always stay happy and excited to go to school until college (hahaha!)

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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