Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Station Nine

We are on Station Nine! Our picture was featured at Church Simplified's Walkway for Station of the Cross on Station 9 (the one dedicated for Mothers) and the kids were surprised to see our  picture
among the other mom pictures with their children. I secretly sent it in when Church Simplified emailed me and asked if i wanted to send in our picture to be included in the the exhibit. When we went there the kids were looking at the displayed pictures and were really surprised to see ours there!

When i was taking a picture of it, Christian went to the back and said he wanted to be included too, hahaha!

Mother's Day

It's almost May!

I just love Mother's Day! I love giving my mama something that she does not expect to have, and looking for the perfect gift for her bring me joy and excitement. I always think of ways to make it as memorable as the last one because i know what my mama has been through especially that i am now also a mother. You may like to look at nice ideas for your mom as well, click here and maybe something will tickle your fancy and go get your mom a gift that she would really like.

This is the only day of the year where we honor and pamper them, and i really take celebrating this day very seriously. And lest be said i also expecting a little something from Christian (hahah!) since i am a mother three times!

Here's to all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Terrible Traffic

Christian comes home really tired after driving home from work. The traffic is terrible. Bumper to bumper even on the costly Skyway which he takes just so he can come home early, but even that is jampacked and bottle neck would be a tame word to describe the traffic he gets every morning and especially during rush hour.

He said the only ones that gets to move are the motorcycles that have becoming popular these days. It is a sure way to combat the traffic jams and the high price of gasoline. I have my apprehensions of Christian riding a motorcycle, but he assures me that he will be very careful and really invest in a good and sturdy gear for protection like the shoei motorcycle helmets that will ensure his safety. I have seen how some motorcycle drivers drive and they are fast and they really squeeze themselves between cars, but Christian is pointing out that he will be very careful and that i should consider it an option.

I said i will think about it, and Christian looks at me like i already said "yes".

Friday, April 20, 2012

Haircut Promise

Took a snapshot of Vin while waiting at the barber shop for his turn for a haircut. His head was on my lap while i was massaging his head and assuring him that this time around the barber will be much faster, lol!

It takes more than thirty minutes for a boy's haircut and it is really long for Vin, so much twitching and scratching happens before he is brushed with powder to signal the end of the haircut.

Till then.

Laundry Find

I can't believe i can no see the bottom of our hamper, yipee!

I accomplished so much in the laundry department, and to think this was one of the most neglected areas the entire year because i was busy teaching everyday, and would just handpick what we needed to wash and not be able to have the luxury of emptying the entire laundry.

At the bottom of the basket i saw Bea's lab coats that i thought got lost in school. We had to order another one because she could not find it in her locker in school and i could not find it here ... but lo and behold, we have found it!

I wonder what other hidden treasures will i uproot from all the scheduled cleaning that i will be doing. Hmmmm.... gold maybe?



I was looking at my stored pictures on dvd and chanced upon a picture of Vin when he was just a year old. So cute!

I uploaded it in my phone and made this!

Time flies so fast ... Vin just turned eight last month.

My little boy is growing too fast.

Summer Cleaning

The kids had a great time since summer started, we have been to some theme parks, went swimming twice in different places, celebrated the Holy Week and had easter activities. I must say summer started for them even before summer really set in because the onset of rain during the first week of April. So now that i feel the kids have mellowed down and are facing their laptops the inevitable must come .... summer cleaning!

I love cleaning the house, this is one of the many activities i love to do. I actually do not have enough time to do it, and summer is the perfect time to declutter. I started yesterday looking at the towering pile od cd and dvds on the floor and i know i should look around for a nice cd storage so the kids can finally have a permanent place to keep them.

My main mission now is to find the perfect spot for it. I have to rummage through all the things we have accumulated the entire year and close my eyes and dispose some of it to people who will need it more, i have so much stuff. I really need to organize and fast!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make Your Own

Ate at Italliani's last night and my girls ordered the make your own pizza. You are given the gough and asked to choose two toppings that you want on your pizza. After you are done, they pop it in the oven and after 10minutes it is delivered back to your table.

It was tasty and fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cover Photo

I am on timeline as of today. I was surprised when i opened my facebook page and it was asking for a cover photo because i my page will now be on time line.

I usually see some of my friends profile on timeline and i was not keen on switching as i have gotten used to my old clean looking page ... but the inevitable has happened.

This is what i chose for my cover photo ... what do you think?

My Awardee

I also have my own awardee! Bea's first year in her new school and her first year in high school proved to be fruitful once again. I was thinking she might not be able adjust right away, but i was wrong, she moved in pretty well and was able to get her bearings in tune with the other students and the flow of high school life.

She said she will be better next school year because she knows more people now than when she first entered. Christian and i gifted her an ipod nano for doing good in school, we always give them gifts after the school year ends wether or not they have awards or not (but they usually have :P ) not as a prize for their medals but as a good job gift for another year ended.

I am proud of my kids attitude towards school and i hope they always stay happy and excited to go to school until college (hahaha!)

Keeping my fingers crossed.