Thursday, March 22, 2012

Graduation Moments

Here are a few pictures from the hundreds of pictures i took, plus a lot of proud parents took a lot from their camera and uploaded in our school facebook account.

Again, congratulations to all the graduates!

Next year again!


We had our graduation last Friday and was very fortunate that it did not rain because we decided to have our graduation outdoors. We were able to set up by creating a stage area, backdrop, we borrowed some chairs church and brought them outside for the graduates and their guests to use. It was a fast and smooth paced rites and everything went well. The parents were all excited and proud of the achievements of their children. Many of the students were awarded twice with many "best subject" awards each.

The children really put a lot in their studies this year, which made them to receive awards and medals a piece of cake. I am so proud of my students and i know they will all go a long way if they always stay studious and efficient in their study habits.

It is now officially summer!

Friday, March 9, 2012


I can't believe i actually finished checking all the test papers and computed the final grades in two days, it is a record for me. I challenged myself if i could actually submit all my grades in time for our deliberation in two days from taking the test. I actually did it!

The moment i came home that morning i had to sacrifice and resisted all temptation to open my facebook and emaila accounts and really start checking papers. Our final exams are 100 items each and i mad ten kinds of exams since i handle 10 grade levels.

It was a feat.

I was able to finish at exactly 4:00 in the morning, it was really like burning the midnight oil, but it was all worth it because i am now free.

Its a Friday, so i can truly say i will be enjoying the week without thinking of having to meet a deadline. Looking forward to a cool weekend!


My sister is into fitness, she has been attending gym classes for the longest time and this is her way of relaxing especially after a long and hectic office week. She has a great toned body and her friends are all muscled (hehehe!) and i wonder if they get some help from syntheroid to get the muscled look? They are all health buffs and whenever they come around and hang out at my mom's house its mostly carrot and celery sticks that is passed around instead of oil laden chips. I dream to live that day .... someday.

I have a strong urge to eat a cheeseburger as i am writing this, lol!

The day will come when i will finally eat healthy and drop my soda drinking ... but until that day i have to grab an ice cold coke to refresh me, hahaha!


We have been carefully moving out our school things to the our new address, and believe me when i say it is so much easier said than done. We have a lot of things to move plus the fact that we have to place them neatly again in our new classrooms. Installing all the chalkboards, bulletin boards and bookshelves can really be tedious. I was telling our principal that we need some gadgets that can help us and i mentioned that we needed a hydraulic scissor lift to aid in our moving. There is so much to be done and we only have two days to move out and short week to get ourselves settled in the new location before our summer school starts.

We had our farewell party this morning and the kids had a lot of fun ... it just turned sad when it was time to go when all together they said in their most loud voice, "Goodbye and thank you Teacher Melissa, thank you for teaching us!"