Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Different Crowd

Bea is excited with her school, now that she is in high school she is now mingling with different kinds of people and i understand her excitement with the new faces she sees everyday. Back in her old school, they only had a few classmates which i think is a god way to start because the teachers really get to know the strengths and weaknesses of every student and not be drowned in a sea of faces. This is really quite a big change for her.I was there last Christmas farewell party in their school and i too was surprised by the fashion the high school kids have nowadays, not that i am saying it is unbecoming of their age but that it is different from when i was a teenager (so many, many, many years ago .. lol!) some of the girls were wearing tights and paired with equestrian boots and long polo as their tops. They have their hair all curly and all in one side and sashayed through the corridors as if they were on a ramp. The boys on the other hand were quite laid back, they had oversized shirts, with oversized (lol!) trousers that is covering only half of their back side. They had their hair up in gel and walked the corridors in a weird way. I guess i have really been outdated so much, so i might as well brace myself for the coming fashion, especially that i have a teenager in the house.

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