Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aching back

I wake everyday with an aching back that reaches all the way up to my neck. It really bothers me and sometimes i have to take the full day off from teaching because of it. I am currently taking pain reliever pills to help me get by, but i really don't want to get my system used to taking medicines every time the pain becomes unbearable. Last night, i slept in my daughter's bed because Christian was not coming home so i decided to sleep in their room. I was a bit surprised that i did not have that pain i regularly get when i wake up in the morning. I was thinking maybe it was because i was lying down on a different mattress that conformed to my body. I think if i get myself a comfortable mattress like a it would surely solve my aching body's dilemna that has long been hounding me. The greeting "sweet dreams" can soon be felt as soon as i get myself a good nights sleep and a refreshing wake up.

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