Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving Up

Our school is moving!

This is great news! We found a better and more spacious place for the next school year, and it is far better than what we have now.

Everything really happens for a reason ... and we are moving up!



I was so excited thinking of the plan of adding another instrument for next school years music class that i chanced upon another thing to consider in adding to make the guitar make a whole lot of difference. Brings guitar playing to another level. I really am bent on making all my students acquire new musical skills, because this is something they can still use even when they are out of school and are all grown up.

Going a step (okay maybe a hundred more steps) further, they can actually use this skill in wooing their "future" significant other when the time comes. Tee hee!


My students had their very first recital yesterday at our family day in school. The kids were quite nervous being faced with other people and their parents. I was so proud of them, they did well and it was well applauded. My other students have found their gift in music and are now trying different tunes on their own, i am glad that i have made a small spark of interest in them to love music.I was thinking of going into guitar next school year, it would really be nice to have another instrument with our recorder. I might ask our school principal to get us a to make their guitar playing go professional. But of course, reality check dawns on me ... i have to learn playing a guitar first, because the only thing i know to play is "happy birthday" and "my bonnie lies over the ocean" , lol!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Wit so much hype over this day, we sometimes forget that we can actually show our loved ones that we love then 365 days of the year. :)

These are the flowers and heart shaped wand i received from my students when i entered the classroom .. they are the sweetest.

Flowers can really brighten your day .. wish i had a garden filled with pretty flowers that i can look and touch everyday ... okay, reality check ... i live in the city, lol!

Again, happy hearts day to everyone and may we show our special people that we love and care for them all throughout the year! Love! Love!

Small But Terrible

Have you heard of the mighty flea yoyo?

It actually was the first time for me to know about it last weekend, and boy, was i impressed!

I could not imagine just how powerful this small yoyo can pack. I watched in amazement as the kids and not so kids showed their tricks with this new toy.

I was a yoyo player back when i was younger, but i was just settling to the usual up and down movements and did not even venture or advance to any trick, hahaha!

I wonder, seeing the kids handle this one i actually might be able to do something here without much effort. I will definitely get one and try it out ... if it does not match with my dexterity (lol!) there are always my kids to whom i can pass it on!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is the first day of the love month ... February <3

This is the latest picture of me and my long time valentine, we are going on fifteen years by May. A little trivia .... since the day we married till now, Christian has not missed a day without saying "i love you" to me, and this is done in multiples all throughout the day.

I have really found my permanent valentine ... forever and a day.

Aching back

I wake everyday with an aching back that reaches all the way up to my neck. It really bothers me and sometimes i have to take the full day off from teaching because of it. I am currently taking pain reliever pills to help me get by, but i really don't want to get my system used to taking medicines every time the pain becomes unbearable. Last night, i slept in my daughter's bed because Christian was not coming home so i decided to sleep in their room. I was a bit surprised that i did not have that pain i regularly get when i wake up in the morning. I was thinking maybe it was because i was lying down on a different mattress that conformed to my body. I think if i get myself a comfortable mattress like a it would surely solve my aching body's dilemna that has long been hounding me. The greeting "sweet dreams" can soon be felt as soon as i get myself a good nights sleep and a refreshing wake up.

Different Crowd

Bea is excited with her school, now that she is in high school she is now mingling with different kinds of people and i understand her excitement with the new faces she sees everyday. Back in her old school, they only had a few classmates which i think is a god way to start because the teachers really get to know the strengths and weaknesses of every student and not be drowned in a sea of faces. This is really quite a big change for her.I was there last Christmas farewell party in their school and i too was surprised by the fashion the high school kids have nowadays, not that i am saying it is unbecoming of their age but that it is different from when i was a teenager (so many, many, many years ago .. lol!) some of the girls were wearing tights and paired with equestrian boots and long polo as their tops. They have their hair all curly and all in one side and sashayed through the corridors as if they were on a ramp. The boys on the other hand were quite laid back, they had oversized shirts, with oversized (lol!) trousers that is covering only half of their back side. They had their hair up in gel and walked the corridors in a weird way. I guess i have really been outdated so much, so i might as well brace myself for the coming fashion, especially that i have a teenager in the house.