Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Cake

My favorite cake ... the fruit cake!

Sinful and so rich .. and i love it! I really feel that Christmas is coming with just one bite of my long time favorite dessert.

I can finish one entire loaf in two days. Yum, yum yum!

News Alert

This just came in, the proposed bill to increase taxes on cigarettes and liquor has been approved by the senate and will take effect early 2013. The added tax will help the health centers fund projects and also help the country with ongoing developments. I may not be affected by the tax because i do not smoke nor drink, but my mom will surely feel the pinch. She has been smoking since i can remember and says it really relaxes her especially after a heavy meal. Looks like cigarettes will be a prized possession when the time comes and cigar auction will be famous. My mom on the other hand started buying cigarettes by the ream to make sure she has a steady supply of her favorite brand before the price gets high.

Smart move.

Morning Faces

These are the happy and fresh faces that bids me goodbye every morning when we bring them to school. These faces are proof that i have it all, it my constant reminder to take things in stride and to always remember how blessed we are.

I love these faces to bits.

They are my life!

Cool Strip

I was going through my usual routine of surfing the net for cool products and i chanced upon the alcohol test strips and i found it really cool! I am familiar with strips for testing acidity since we used this kind of strips in our science experiments when i was younger, the lithmus test if i remember it right. It was placing the strip of paper under your armpit to check the acid of your sweat. The alcohol strip on the other hand when placed inside the mouth will test for the presence of alcohol in the saliva, a great way to check during check points for driving under the influence of alcohol.

This is one cool strip, very useful than letting the person walk in a straight line if you ask me.

Sticker Us

Lookie! Lookie!

Had our family made into a stick figure cartoonish car sticker family, tee hee!

I love it!

Can't wait to have the car cleaned so we can have this on. Love it!

Morning Ritual

Like i said in my earlier post, i watch tv while eating breakfast, keeps me company so i don't feel sad while eating, tee hee! One of my favorite show to watch in the morning is The Ellen Degeneres show and love to watch her dance. She would often turn to Tony (their music dj) and he is shown moving some levers on his computer to finally dish out a danceable tune and the crowd goes wild!

I would dance a bit with the audience, but unlike them i am dancing my way to the sink to deposit my dishes that i used and then tackle the unwashed dishes while dancing to keep me amused and not think of the chores.

Mind over matter is the key.

Two Weeks

Just two weeks ... and school is out!

Christmas vacation is coming really soon, and i am excited for the kids and for me, lol! How i wish i could savor my bed longer in the morning. I usually wake up at 4:30am to prepare the kids for school. I cook their lunch and prepare breakfast, wake them up and dress the little boy (the girls can take care of themselves) and they leave at around 6:30am.

I go with the husband in taking them to school and then head home soon after. I am now faced with their beds, dishes to wash and other household things.

I open the tv and sit for a few minutes, have a light breakfast and then do my chores. I usually try to squeeze in some time to exercise, but sometimes i am already too tired to do that, hahaha!

So, Christmas break will really be worth waiting for!

Christmas Program

Sam's class has been practicing for their Christmas program as early as now to make sure that everyone is prepared. She plays a part of a horse rider so i am putting together her costume, we will be needing a cap, breeches, long sleeved shirt and some boots. The school will be in charge of making the pretend pony that she will be riding. The theme of their play is being a good friend to others and they will happen in an exclusive all girls riding school. I am excited that Sam is playing a big part, because she is quite shy, so this will really bring out the best of her. I just love school plays! I can't wait to see my Sammie girl in action!

Royal Twins


Just got my e-magazine subscription of Star Mag this morning. Loved it that Kate is out of the hospital and is doing well, and what made it more exciting is the news that she is expecting twins!

They actually have names picked out this already.

Royal celebration!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Picture Perfect

Vin has a lot of great pictures from his field trip so i am on a hunt for an affordable print shop website where i can do everything online. Going out and having it printed in a store can really take too much of time especially since the three kids come home at different times.

The shots that Christian took of Vin really captured the fun times he had with his classmates and friends. I am thinking of making a collage with the pictures and framing it. I just love the faces that Vin showed in the pictures. He is growing up really fast so i really have to document everything. Everything has to be picture perfect!

Petra Mahalimuyak

Have you heard about her?

She is a Filipina who is based in America who plays around using a very thick accent of english. There are a lot of people who frown on this saying she is actually degrading the Filipinos. You can catch a lot of her videos on You Tube doing a lot of things having some short tutorials.

Personally, i find her funny and amusing. Those who find her offensive may be seeing he rin a diffrent light. Its all for fun really.

December Carols

It is the time of year again that children are out in the streets at night singing carols to the differebt houses around the neighborhood. It is such a joyous sound to hear really. So festive!

I remember when i was younger, my siblings and would also be excited and we would get our instruments ready. If this happened today i would surely go and get us geared up for the holiday carols.

I have to have loose coins ready when the kids visit our house later, and i am thinking instead of coins to give them small packs of candies. I am sure my kids would love to go carolling as well given the chance, but their school work is too much to handle that they do not have the strength to go out around the village.

Growing up

My little boy had an out of town school field trip and i thought he might not be able to handle the long trip as it took three hours to get to their destination. Vin went with Christian who had to be absent from work to accompany Vin. Suprisingly, Vin did not even feel dizzy the entire trip as he was talking to his classmates along the way.

He watched an aquatic show that features seals and dolphins. They also went to a large aquarium exhibit that kept Vin's eyes really entertained with all the colorful fish.swimming before him.

All in all Vin had a great time and was talking about the experience for two straight days, lol!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I have been looking around for ideas for Christian's Christmas gift, i was able to get him a novelty shirt last week, it was a black shirt with a prunt of the torso of Batman (the superhero) complete with abs, lol! I am sure he will find it funny especially that i have been teasing him that his abs are absent, hahaha!

I am also planning on looking at some leather wallets because this has been our tradition every year, a new wallet every year to signify new luck.

I am also thinking of getting him something bowling related this being his favorite sport, the only problem is the stores here are so limited. I am starting early, so i am confident i will score a great gift.

Ber Heat

I thought now that the -ber months have started it would cool down even just a notch ... but it is getting more hot and humid as the day goes. I actually started to develop a migraine just sitting down because of this terrible heat. My little boy for the first time in eight years had a nose bleed because of the heat. I was scared at first but upon consultation with our doctor she said it was normal for the blood vessels in his nose to react this way. She taught me what to do in case it happens again.

I want snow ... duh?

Operation DIY

Lately now that i have some free time on my hands because i no longer teach, i have been bitten by the creativity bug and have been doing some do-it-yourself (DIY) stuff that i did not have time for. I have made some cute hairclips from my old plastic and cloth floral ornaments and with the help of my trusted glue gun i get to make one of a kind hair pieces. I also have been frequenting websites that carry diy stuff, craft stores and even an online garden supply shop. I also found a sudden interest to grow some potted vegetables having been inspired looking at a few pocket gardens.

I really want doing these things, it relaxes me and gives me something creative to do with my free time. Love it!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


We are registered here for the trick or treat activity on the 31st!

It was an online registration and was really lucky to be able to get in. The link was posted at exactly 12 noon and everyone waited for this, in a matter of 10mins registration was closed.

200 slots were filled up in record time!

Was able to register my three kids, it really pays to be on the net at the exact time.

Kids are excited, and so am i!

Giving In

Christian has been hounding me if he could get a motorcycle, and he gave me tons of reasons on why i should say yes to it. One of the main reasons were that it saves money, gas wise. Another one is it cuts his travel time in half, no traffic.And so many other things that i secretly i find reasonable and true.With this concern of mine out in the open, Christian showed me a lot of safety gear that he will be wearing to give me my peace of mind, from helmets, shin guards, heavy duty padded jackets and safety fog glasses so ease me. I am actually geared towards letting him take this alternate route pretty soon. Especially that Christian will not be letting up really soon.


Good morning!

Prepared a heart breakfast for my sembreakers this morning. When they got down all of them had this hearty plate of energy food waiting for them.

We are on vacation!


Back to school again on November 5, still a long way to go.

Bring it on!

Karaoke Night

We had a great time last night!

Karaoke time really brings out the singer in everyone, including me!

I like singing but only in the confines of my bathroom, and i can take hours there, but when out i really am a bit shy to unleash my singing prowess, lol!

I must admit, i lack short in that department.

Christian on the other hand, loves the crowd, hahaha!

My siblings share the love for karaoke and for some reason i joined in with much gusto that i forgot i was actually shy. My sister who always frequented the karaoke bar knew how to play with the pitch controls to help me find the pitch just right for my voice. She dove in and adjusted knobs, the right jack and we were on a roll!

I liked my voice out in public, but i still would not trade my bathroom concerthall for anything, lol!


The election fever is starting early. I have seen quite a few number of political ads on the tv and heard some catchy jingles on the radio. Soon i will be seeing tshirts with the faces of the candidates, personalized pins with their slogans and even tarpaulin banners all over the metro. Election will be for next year but a lot has made their intentions clear and hoping that they leave a mark on the voter's minds and get their names on our ballots.

Speaking of the elections, i have to register all over again, because for some reason my name is no longer at the official list of registered voters. I want my vote to be counted and heard so i will really watch out for the schedule for the registration for voters.

I want my finger to have the indelible ink soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012


My little boy had his routine haircut ... and he is not happy at all.

Look at his face, lol!

He never liked the so called "pampering", he said it took so long and it gets really itchy around his neck area and it goes down to his back. I always have to bribe him with a chocolate bar to ease the pain, lol!

Carols Are Up

Was at the mall this morning and guess what? Christmas carols are playing! You can feel it in the air, Christmas is coming sooner than you think. I just love Christmas! I guess when you grow old and have kids Christmas joy is felt in the giving not in the receiving. I get so excited when i get something for my kids and really wonder how their faces will look when they get it. I guess i really have the Christmas as spirit in me. I have been trying my hand on playing the flute to get some Christmas tunes up and about. I am sure the kids will be amazed to see me dish out some songs. I know how to use the recorder and have some songs up my sleeves, so i guess it would not be too hard. So excited to start carolling!


Due to another typhoon that just showed itself this morning, classes in all levels are now suspended. The only thing that irks me is the kids are already in school. I really would like to see the weather people declare the suspension of classes before the children go to school in the morning. Not only does it endager the kids since they are out of the houses already, but it creates a temporary chaos of who is going to pick up who.

The only thing i am thankful for is the kids ride the school bus going home, but since all levels go home at the same time there is a bit of confusion on who will take the first trip first. We live near the school, so we are always on the first batch.

Here is little choconut waiting for the school bus to come.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here i am helping my cousin plan her wedding, and we have been at it for two months now. We have been talking to a lot of suppliers and we are actually closing on some major decisions as early as now. The one thing we have not yet ironed out is the choice for their souveniers. We are thinking of giving out  personalized coin  for their principal sponsors and maybe small baskets filled with semi precious stones for their female guests. She wants everything to be perfect and i could not agree more. We have worked so hard for all the preparations and i know given the amount of time we still have, everything will work out just perfect.

It really pays to plan ahead of time, minimizes the pressureanda stress and really be able to come up with the best choices.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twelve happy

Happy Birthday my Sammie Girl!

Sam marked her twelve years, and she spent the day wearing her Fiona inspired costume (a character in a television show "Adventure Time") that she really wanted.

We celebrated it at my mom's house so all her cousins can come and share a small birthday treat.

I wonder what Sam would like next year when she finally becomes a teenager. (nervous now ..)

Growing Pains

My girls are really growing up, gone are the days when we would frequent amusement centers while we while away our time at the mall. I remember the kids would just be happy with some game token playing video games while i did my errand in the mall, and Christian watched over them. These days, they would rather sit down in a restaurant that offered free wifi and would just surf and play with the ipad.

Soon, they will be off to high school and college and i will be scouting for cheap class rings for girls to mark their advancement.

Time really moves so fast ... i think i said that in my other post ... but that statement does hold water. Wish i could hold on to them much longer, but of course i want them to dream high and achieve big things for themselves. Motherhood is bliss really, but it can really  make you sentimental when you see your children grow up right before your eyes.

Baby Love

Here is the collage i posted at Facebook to greet my little Sammie girl. She turned twelve ... i cannot believe she will be a teenager on her next birthday.

Sob, sniff.

Time flies soooo fast.


Sam just celebrated her 12th birthday last Saturday and it still amazes me how time has really flown.My little baby has really turned into one fine lady. We went to mass and i prayed to God not to ask for anything but to thank Him for all that He has given us. I would often sit comfortably on the worship chairs and really take time to thank Him for all the blessings. He has truly given us so much to be thankful for and our family is very appreciative of all those things. I may not claim to be rich financially, but in spirit we are millionaires. I give all the glory and goodness to Him, he is our Savior and our family loves Him!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The time arrived ... release of first quarter report cards of my three kids. Again, i am never disappointed, they did well!

All three of them are in the top 10 in their respective classes. I never pressured them to give me honors or merit cards, all i wanted them to do is to do their best and to enjoy school. I am fortunate that they really love going to school and learning new things, so getting good grades come naturally.

So proud of my three kiddies!


It is the time of the year where Christian's office will be undergoing evaluation of all their employees performance and output. I said that could be quite a task, considering the fact that there are hundred of them. He said they actually get results as early as week and they are all appraised and they are given certain amount for a salary adjustment depending on how much you have contributed to the company's performance for the year. He even said they have a system called InetSoft's dashboard scorecard that helps them heaps. I wonder what Christian's score will be, and this will really spell a difference in our monthly income. I am optimistic though because Christian has always been an achiever and really gives his best in all that he does. No worries, just excited to know the result.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Achey Breakey Back

Ouch. For three days now i have been plagued by back pain. It is not the throbbing pain, worse its a constant pain that really bother me. It is not alleviated even if i am lying down. I might have to start moving my muscles more, do some stretching in the morning before i go on with cooking the food for the kids. Will take it really slow so i don't strain more muscles. Thank God its Friday .. weekend tomorrow, my only chance to sleep late. Yey!

DIY project

Christian is a great believer of D-I-Y projects, and i support him all the way, don't get me wrong. But there are times when i feel it is better to have a professional take over on some jobs, not only does a professional ensure a fast and efficient result, but in the long run saves us more money. But i guess the feeling of accomplishment is something that you can never get when you have it done by other people when you feel you can do it yourself. I guess, the feeling is like whenever i have a haircut gone bad, and know in my heart that i cut my own hair it would far be a better good job, since i know exactly what i want snipped away. So support for the hubby is underway when we visit the local hardware to look for specific size of bolts,wearstrips, screws and spray paint. I love visiting the hardware, so many things to see, Christian can get lost there for hours and come out happy and content with his loot.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eye Candy

Was reading a magazine and came across an advertisment of the newest novel of one of my favorite authors. I was so excited that i purchased it from itunes right away ... excited to start reading it!

Just to share, my girls also share the happiness in reading like me, that i cannot say about Vin who would rather play on his laptop than read a book, but then again he is only eight.


Now that i am no longer teaching full time, i have a lot of free time on my hands to do thing i always liked to do. I am a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) gal, from cross stiching to crochet and my favorite scrapbooking. I have books for my little ones complete with memorabilia and souveniers of a particular place, label of their favorite food or anything that can be relevant to them to see when they grow up. I also have homemade friendship bracelets, rosaries that i made using crystal teardrops, bracelets and anklets made from pearls and gems. I also made some hair clips with small semi precious stones on it in different colors to match what you are wearing or the mood you are in.

I love my free time ... it is my me time where i can express myself through my creations.

Study Time

Our afternoon ritual, study time.

Vin comes home around two o'clock, i serve him snacks, give him a bath, let him watch a few minutes in the telly then we are off to business.

I am so glad that he likes doing his assignments early with no complaints coming from him. We finish in about an hour or sometimes extend thirty minutes more but i do not see any resistance from my little school boy.

When we are all done, i look at the clock and in a few hours the girls come and its their turn to this study ritual. Again, no complaints. Whew.

Music To My Ears

Since the girls enjoyed the "Wizard of Oz" musical so much they are now asking if they could enroll in voice lessons. I would surely grab the opportunity and seize the moment when they are interested to musically inclined. They know how to play the piano, a few chords on the guitar and are great with recorders. I remember when we would frequent music stores and be acquainted with different instruments like the  banjos and even shiny looking drum sets. I really want my girls to develop their talents, and since they are the ones who brought this up it would not look like it was an obligation, but it would be a privilege.

So here is to having our home filled with good music in just a couple of weeks.

Kiss Kiss

This is one of my latest loot!

While the girls were inside the theater i was able to shop around myself and found this, yey!

I always have a weakness for a great lip balm, and this makes it a double treat because aside from it being an effective lip moisturizer, there is a splash of long wearing color as well.

Got the shade named Amore ... love.

Musical First

Took the kids to watch "The Wizard of Oz" musical play last weekend, it was opening night so i thought there would be a lot of people. I did not have tickets for myself, because these tickets were given to me as a birthday gift, but i decided to let the girls watch it instead because i know they will really enjoy it.

I was not wrong, they really loved it!

Since this was the very first time that they will be watching by themselves i asked permission from the theater if i could just go in with them and bring them to their seats, they allowed me, so i got them the best seats. Since i did not want to go far from the theater i just went around the mall while Bea and Sam were watching. The play lasted for an hour and a half and when i finished my shopping i went back and waited by the door for them. When they went out they were both smiling and said that the cast was allowing people to come up the stage to have pictures taken with them. I hurriedly went in with them and got these cute shots with the cast for the girls to remember.

Note to self, my kids are already big enough to handle themselves in a theater, but that does not stop me from lingering around wherever they go.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Band Member

 My sister owning the stage when she was called to sing a major song with her favorite band. She rocked it!

So proud of my little sister!


I was never into clubbing when i was single, i found it too loud to make any decent conversation plus i don't drink. I don't think i can ever get into the hanging of drinking any alcoholic beverage, not that i want to start now, lol! My sister on the other hand loves going to clubs with her friends (she is single) and marvels at the bands playing every night. She knows a lot about instruments now than me and could easily spot a from across the room. She even has favorite band members that play every night and would really make it an effort to go and seek them out when they are done playing so she could congratulate them. She loves listening to their songs and would even go up on stage if a volunteer was asked to sing with them and jam with the band. My sister is a trooper when it comes to singing with her favorite band on stage. She is our performer in the family.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movie Date

After fourteen years, Christian and i entered the movie house as a couple. Yup, you read it right, fourteen years. lol!

Eversince we got kids we never went out to watch a movie and leave the kids home. Now that Bea is fourteen and Vin is eight, we now can let them have their play dates and we can watch feeling secured because they are already big.

The real story ... finally my separation anxiety is over, hahaha!

So here's to more movie dates to come!


My cousin gave birth to a very healthy, bouncing, little boy, their first!

They are very excited with this blessing and they want to do everything right, they sent out announcement cards to family and friends, posted on facebook and twitter and now they are asking for my help to find them the cheapest place to buy cigars to really celebrate the coming of their special little boy.

They have several names lined up, i wonder how they will finally choose. My cousin is actually thinking of running an online popularity contest on her blog to make her readers pick the best name for their little bundle. I am so excited for them and want to help her in any way i can.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Starting Right

My yummy appetizer, which i actually had to stop myself from eating all of it because i getting really full and it will ruin my entire meal. I just love this cracklings dipped in vinegar.


My Day

My day is coming up really soon!

Well, actually not for another month, but i can be excited, lol!

Christian has been asking me what i would like, suddenly an image of a  blackberry play book comes to mind, yipee!

I wonder how can i input that glorious detail to the hubby without me implying it. I am playing innocent here but i still have expectations.Tee hee!

My last birthday he gave me an ipad, Christmas was an iphone 4s ... so it has got to be a techie gift again. Maybe i will let him see me go over websites looking at the specs and maybe he gets the idea. Will try and do that within the week.

Birthday girl scheming here.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Like it Big

I have been opening my Instagram app from my phone and i actually had no problems accessing the pictures when i decided to try and download it to my Ipad.

I opened it from the Ipad and was really thrilled that the pictures are so big! Suddenly the pictures i get from the iphone pales in comparison with the Ipad.

So goodbye IG via phone ... hello IG with my Ipad ... love the size!

Celebrating Life

My grandmother is turning 92 next month!

As Vin said "Her number is so high!" Tee hee!

I wonder what to give her? She actually has everything she needs but i don't want to go there empty handed. So now i am letting my creative juices flow thinking of nice gifts for grandmothers that she will really appreciate.

Last year, i gave her a nightdress with matching soft fluffy slippers, and i actually see her use it. I am thinking of getting her something that she can use for herself and not just a knick knack because i think she is past the 'for display gifts' by now.

What about a fruit basket? A bath soap basket?

I wonder ... but it has to really nice, reaching the age of 92 is such a feat!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is what is left of the super yummy homemade avocado ice cream Christian made for me the other day. It went by so fast!

It really relieved me from the heat, plus i still get my calcium and fruit nutrient rolled into one!

To make one on your own, you just need ripe avocadoes, sugar and milk. Mix them all together and freeze ... viola!

Yummy and healthy!

First Place

Sam came home the other day with a happy smile. She was radiant when she got down the school bus. The moment she got in i asked her what happened in school. She said with a very proud smile, "mama, something awesome happened today ... wait i will show you something!"

And right there and there she whips out of her bag a gold medal .. wow! She said she won the first place spot for the table setting category contest during their Nutrition week activities.

I remember when i was studying in college, we also had contests like these and we would always come complete with catering supplies to make our table complete and beautiful.

She said her group was assigned to execute a buffet table setting and obviously it was the best among all the sections in their grade level.

So proud of her!

This starts their school year ... great start!

Shopping Spree Me

Went to a short, impromptu but much needed shopping for myself. A first!

I usually do not buy anything for myself (unless its a good red lipstick, but only if i finish my current one) and this trip really was a nice and quick activity. I got two pair of jeans and a few tops to revive my wardrobe, was kinda having second thoughts if i would still go through it while i was on my way to the cashier. Luckily, the counter had some sort of cash register express that made my checking out a breeze. I actually did not have enough time  to think again and leave a few of the things i originally had in my hands. I kind of feel guilty of buying things for myself but Christian insisted that i do these, so i reluctantly yet happily oblige.

Can't wait to debut my dark jeans!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Times

Made this collage for Christian and posted it on his facebook wall as a surprise for him on Father's Day. He is really an epitome of a hands-on father, never had a maid or nanny for the three kids. He knows everything from morning sickness, ultrasounds, milk, diapers, bathing and everything and anything that involves the kids.

My kids are very blessed to have him as their father.

Happy Father's Day!


It has been a month since we moved and i must say amidst the different sizes of boxes, and cartons we have finally made this house a home. The last house we stayed in was seven years, and i thought the kids will have a hard time adjusting to our new abode, but surprisingly in just a few days they have made it a place to come home to after a long day at school. The moment they come down the school bus you can see their faces relieved that finally they are home. I really believe that no matter where you are, no matter how long or short you stay in a place .. home is really where the heart is ... and it has landed here.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Brazilian, Check

I did it!

I like it!

This is me after my Brazilian Blowout experience. It flattened my hair really well, and i had some layers added for some volume and to take away the thick part at the back.

Looks good ... but the true test really lies after i wash it home. I will let it sit for a day or two then see if it was really effective.

The process took around 90 minutes, it was like having an express rebond, it was washed, blow dried, washed again then ironed.

Will bring Bea to the salon if after the shower it still remains like this.


This caught my eye when i was looking through some magazines, the brazilian blowout. I have always been very particular with my hair and if you will count how many styles i have been through you would really be surprised with the many styles i have tried. Back when i was young and reckless i even shaved the back of my neck to resemble the letter "m" for my first name.

My hair (ok, my skin too) are the only parts of my body that i give a lot of importance to. I like to try different things, i have been relaxed, straightened, permed, colored, highlighted, digital perm, streaked and now this!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cover Photo

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, i made this cover photo for my facebook page, these pictures are pre-marriage photos. A lot of my friends commented that we were always wearing identical shirts, lol!

I remember, Christian and i loved wearing couple shirts before ... hmmm, actually we still do now, but this time Christan and Vin dress the same, while the girls and i have similar ones.

Gift of Music

My niece is good at playing the guitar. She started last school year as a requirement for school, little did she know that she would actually like it and she really excelled. My sister makes it a point to be there during her performances to support her new found hobby. Her birthday is coming up so i asked my sister what she thinks i could give her that she will appreciate, and she said i might like to for my niece. I am now on the lookout after being all thumbs on what to get her. This is a picture of our car when we came out of the shopping mall last night in searching for a gift for her. Last car standing, lol! But that scenario won't happen again, now that i know that the gift of music will bring joy to the birthday girl.

Anniversary Dinner

Celebrated our wedding anniversary last May 24, it has been 15 years.

WE spent the day at home and went out for dinner with the kids. Took a picture of my favorite food before i devoured it, heheh!

Song For Me

Last Mother's Day, we were already in the car and was going to have dinner when the three kids (Bea started it) said they wanted to sing me a song. I whipped my phone and set it on video and said "Okay, i am ready." They put out their phone and played a song and the three of them joined in and sang the most beautiful song i have ever heard. I was trying not to show them that i was already close to tears because i did not want them to stop. I love hearing their voices, all in different tones and their makeshift instruments and did what they could do inside the car. It was one of the best gifts i have ever received, aside from hugs and kisses of course.


Last week, Christian came home with this plaque. He was awarded the Globe Way Award, and he said he was the only one in his department to receive one. So proud of him, he is a well deserved awardee if you ask me!

Water Works

I asked for help from the neighborhood plumber to install the washing machine in the laundry area because it requires some sort of Tube Bending for it to fit properly to my desired place. I want my machine elevated from the actual laundry floor to ensure that water do not touch the machine's base. Even if the machine promises a no rust and waterproof body i still do not want to take chances, i have learned my lesson from my previous one (which by the way served for more than ten years) it turned into rust at the bottom because of the water passing there whenever i drain the water.

I am not taking any chances on my new "best friend" and partner in the laundry department. Better safe than sorry.

I can't wait to set up and hit the laundry basket!

Washing Away

My most recent purchase! Yey!

My old machine can finally retire, it has been hallucinating for quite some time and i was just ignoring it, stretching it to its limits. I am so excited to do my laundry. I just love seeing an empty hammer and a filled up clothes line.

Sleeping Time

Since we transferred house and the kids now have a much bigger room i decided to give them sleeping arrangements that will still give them their own space even if they are in one room. I was browsed through and was inspired to get the kids a triple deck bed. It is actually a double deck bed, but i had a pull out bed customized for the little boy.
They now make their own beds and make sure that they are all clean and tidy. During the day they are in each others beds doing their own thing which is mostly on their laptops. I took a picture of them at work (haha!) and they all looked very busy with their own thing.

I let them pick their own sheets to get them involved. We will be shopping for wall stickers on the weekend for their small spaces on the walls.

This is just a space saver!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Me

This was me ... centuries ago. Hahaha! This is a picture i posted on facebook as a greeting to my mom on Mother's Day celebration. My mama really looked good, she rocked the shades.

By the way, we were on a horse.

Circle of Life

Christian has long been in the accounting arena for the longest time and i am amazed at how he is able to crunch the numbers, even Bea nad Sam's math assignments. lol!

I would be in charge of handling the english, science and all the other subjects while i leave the math to very competent hands and mind. He has a way of understanding it and explaining it to the kids complete with shortcuts and secrets that leaves me baffled.

Must be really great to be a cpa, which is why when i came across the best cpa network i had Christian  in mind. Father's day is coming up next month so this will be in my list.

I was never good at numbers when i was smaller, my father too always tutored me and now Christian tutors the kids, the circle of life i may say.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

It's this weekend!

I have the perfect gift for my mom!

I what Christian will give me ... tee hee!


Devoted one whole weekend for the kids and me to do some DIY's and put our creativity in action without using the computer and graphic program ... just our two able hands and a very creative mind. Bea made a lot of handcrafted greeting cards, Sam drew a lot of posters with embelishments and Vin and i tried making puzzles out of our old photos and used some puzzle glue to do the trick.

It was an afternoon filled with laughter and talking, we heard no clicking of the mouse, alerts of new mail and the clattering of the keyboard, it was really fun ... bonding at its finest!

They said they had a lot of fun and we decided to dedicate on weekend every month to arts and craft moments to strengthen not only our creativity but our bond as a family.

Can't wait for our next weekend date!

I Gotta

I got to have this!

This has got to be the cutest iphone camouflage case i have ever seen.

Love it!

Cool Office

My brother just transferred to another office last month and has been inviting me to come and see how cool his new dig is. He would show me during one our facetime calls and i must admit nothing beats seeing the real thing in the flesh.

We dropped by his "cool" office yesterday when i was making errands and i was really impressed on how big and spacious it was, plus the gadgets that came with it. He was acting like a cool host showing all the secret places and innovations this new office had compared to the previous one. He even made a call and showed off his video conferencing services that came with his position. It was really a nice place, there even was a lounge area for his kids whenever they visit as it is equipped with a giant led tv with dvds of different kinds.

I am proud of what my brother has accomplished for himself, good job.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Station Nine

We are on Station Nine! Our picture was featured at Church Simplified's Walkway for Station of the Cross on Station 9 (the one dedicated for Mothers) and the kids were surprised to see our  picture
among the other mom pictures with their children. I secretly sent it in when Church Simplified emailed me and asked if i wanted to send in our picture to be included in the the exhibit. When we went there the kids were looking at the displayed pictures and were really surprised to see ours there!

When i was taking a picture of it, Christian went to the back and said he wanted to be included too, hahaha!

Mother's Day

It's almost May!

I just love Mother's Day! I love giving my mama something that she does not expect to have, and looking for the perfect gift for her bring me joy and excitement. I always think of ways to make it as memorable as the last one because i know what my mama has been through especially that i am now also a mother. You may like to look at nice ideas for your mom as well, click here and maybe something will tickle your fancy and go get your mom a gift that she would really like.

This is the only day of the year where we honor and pamper them, and i really take celebrating this day very seriously. And lest be said i also expecting a little something from Christian (hahah!) since i am a mother three times!

Here's to all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Terrible Traffic

Christian comes home really tired after driving home from work. The traffic is terrible. Bumper to bumper even on the costly Skyway which he takes just so he can come home early, but even that is jampacked and bottle neck would be a tame word to describe the traffic he gets every morning and especially during rush hour.

He said the only ones that gets to move are the motorcycles that have becoming popular these days. It is a sure way to combat the traffic jams and the high price of gasoline. I have my apprehensions of Christian riding a motorcycle, but he assures me that he will be very careful and really invest in a good and sturdy gear for protection like the shoei motorcycle helmets that will ensure his safety. I have seen how some motorcycle drivers drive and they are fast and they really squeeze themselves between cars, but Christian is pointing out that he will be very careful and that i should consider it an option.

I said i will think about it, and Christian looks at me like i already said "yes".

Friday, April 20, 2012

Haircut Promise

Took a snapshot of Vin while waiting at the barber shop for his turn for a haircut. His head was on my lap while i was massaging his head and assuring him that this time around the barber will be much faster, lol!

It takes more than thirty minutes for a boy's haircut and it is really long for Vin, so much twitching and scratching happens before he is brushed with powder to signal the end of the haircut.

Till then.

Laundry Find

I can't believe i can no see the bottom of our hamper, yipee!

I accomplished so much in the laundry department, and to think this was one of the most neglected areas the entire year because i was busy teaching everyday, and would just handpick what we needed to wash and not be able to have the luxury of emptying the entire laundry.

At the bottom of the basket i saw Bea's lab coats that i thought got lost in school. We had to order another one because she could not find it in her locker in school and i could not find it here ... but lo and behold, we have found it!

I wonder what other hidden treasures will i uproot from all the scheduled cleaning that i will be doing. Hmmmm.... gold maybe?



I was looking at my stored pictures on dvd and chanced upon a picture of Vin when he was just a year old. So cute!

I uploaded it in my phone and made this!

Time flies so fast ... Vin just turned eight last month.

My little boy is growing too fast.

Summer Cleaning

The kids had a great time since summer started, we have been to some theme parks, went swimming twice in different places, celebrated the Holy Week and had easter activities. I must say summer started for them even before summer really set in because the onset of rain during the first week of April. So now that i feel the kids have mellowed down and are facing their laptops the inevitable must come .... summer cleaning!

I love cleaning the house, this is one of the many activities i love to do. I actually do not have enough time to do it, and summer is the perfect time to declutter. I started yesterday looking at the towering pile od cd and dvds on the floor and i know i should look around for a nice cd storage so the kids can finally have a permanent place to keep them.

My main mission now is to find the perfect spot for it. I have to rummage through all the things we have accumulated the entire year and close my eyes and dispose some of it to people who will need it more, i have so much stuff. I really need to organize and fast!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make Your Own

Ate at Italliani's last night and my girls ordered the make your own pizza. You are given the gough and asked to choose two toppings that you want on your pizza. After you are done, they pop it in the oven and after 10minutes it is delivered back to your table.

It was tasty and fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cover Photo

I am on timeline as of today. I was surprised when i opened my facebook page and it was asking for a cover photo because i my page will now be on time line.

I usually see some of my friends profile on timeline and i was not keen on switching as i have gotten used to my old clean looking page ... but the inevitable has happened.

This is what i chose for my cover photo ... what do you think?

My Awardee

I also have my own awardee! Bea's first year in her new school and her first year in high school proved to be fruitful once again. I was thinking she might not be able adjust right away, but i was wrong, she moved in pretty well and was able to get her bearings in tune with the other students and the flow of high school life.

She said she will be better next school year because she knows more people now than when she first entered. Christian and i gifted her an ipod nano for doing good in school, we always give them gifts after the school year ends wether or not they have awards or not (but they usually have :P ) not as a prize for their medals but as a good job gift for another year ended.

I am proud of my kids attitude towards school and i hope they always stay happy and excited to go to school until college (hahaha!)

Keeping my fingers crossed.