Thursday, October 20, 2011

Swimming Sideline

My kids just love to swim ... i wonder why suddenly i have lost the penchant on swimming. I used to like to swim, but since i started having kids i was no longer keen on going swimming. I sometimes think is it because i am more prone to feeling cold than when i was younger, then that could easily be solved by installing a rheem heat pump to ensure the right temperature for me. I also think is it because this time around i have to lug more towels, shampoo, soap and wet bathing suits after i shower them after the swim. I think i am more inclined to think it is because of the latter ... lol!

I think i would rather just sit by the shade and wait for them to finish so i can shower them without thinking of showering myself. Mommy duties really can take a toll even with one of your favorite childhood activity ... now i enjoy swimming more when i see my children smile and laugh while they swim.

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