Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary No More

Look at the happy faces of my kiddies while visiting their grandmother's grave (Christian's mama who passed away more than 20 years ago) they never met her but i would tell them stories about her, the ones Christian would share with me. They say Sam looks like his mom and Sam is really is interested to see pictures of her grandmother to see for herself.

The trip to the cemetery was a pleasant one as there was not much people yet and it was not so sunny so it was not that hot. We parked the car a few meters from the cemetery and had a quick lunch before we walked all the way.

The kids had a good experience because we prayed over there, lit some candles and offered flowers and prayers.


Now that Halloween is almost over, what comes next??

One of my favorite time of the year ...Christmas!

I was at the mall this morning and was greeted by the oh so familiar Christmas tunes, the glass window displays were decked with tress and colorful lights and of course the card racks were laden with holiday cards instead of the usual birthday cards.

Christmas is in the air ... i can already smell it!

I wonder who will gift me a fruit cake this year, this is my favorite treat and no one in the family likes it but me .. all for me.

Cemetery Goods

This is the first time the kids won't be doing their annual trick or treat event, instead we went and visited Christian's mama at the cemetery a few days before All Soul's Day to beat the traffic and the crowd.

I was so surprised to see that inside the cemetery there are a lot of food stalls and kiosks that sell different things and with them around you hardly feel scared being surrounded by the dead, lol!

There even was a stall there that was selling different kinds of wigs and they were tapping the halloween market.

People can really be enterprising, lol!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahoy There

The kids enjoyed the cruise! It is their first time to ride a boat and i am so happy that no one complained of dizziness or was sea sick. They had a great time, and so did we. The food was suprisingly good, i had no expectations for it because all i really wanted was for the kids to experience the sunset while sailing, so being served good food really is a icing on the cake.

Bea and Sam took turns taking pictures of the breathtaking sunset and the lovely view. Vin had a great time pointing at jumping fishes.

We actually had to wait for a month to get this scheduled date because i really wanted the upper deck section and when i called to reserve it was already fully booked and all that was available was the lower deck seats, so i patiently waited for the upper deck availability which took more than a month from my reservation.

It was really worth the wait.

We will surely make this a regular weekend thing and next time i will let the girls bring their own cameras so they can capture anything they like.

Loved it!

Big Day

It is coming ... the special day of my brother is in a month, and i am still thinking on what to give him. He actually has everything and finding something he will really use is leaving me bonkers. I tinkering on getting personal birthday gifts for him that i am sure he would love to keep. He will start on a new job next week and i am quite sure he would love to get something that is personal that he would like to place on his table or office wall. I am getting pretty excited just thinking of the possibilities of a present for him. Funny, but when i started writing this i was a bit clueless but as i was typing and thinking it suddenly became crystal clear. Yey!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are going on a dinner cruise on Sunday!

I booked five tickets for us last month and had our cruise scheduled on the 23rd. The girl i spoke to said the cruise would last for an hour and a half of smooth sailing and i was able to book us on the top deck so the kids can enjoy the salty air. I also asked her what the best sailing time would be if we want to catch the sunset, she said 4:30 pm is the best, so 4:30 it is. We have to be there by 4:00 to secure our table. I really hope the kids enjoy this experience, this being their first boat ride.

Swimming Sideline

My kids just love to swim ... i wonder why suddenly i have lost the penchant on swimming. I used to like to swim, but since i started having kids i was no longer keen on going swimming. I sometimes think is it because i am more prone to feeling cold than when i was younger, then that could easily be solved by installing a rheem heat pump to ensure the right temperature for me. I also think is it because this time around i have to lug more towels, shampoo, soap and wet bathing suits after i shower them after the swim. I think i am more inclined to think it is because of the latter ... lol!

I think i would rather just sit by the shade and wait for them to finish so i can shower them without thinking of showering myself. Mommy duties really can take a toll even with one of your favorite childhood activity ... now i enjoy swimming more when i see my children smile and laugh while they swim.


Loved the colors in their school. I attended their First Friday mass for the first time and i was almost teary eyed when they sang a song complete with hand actions, it was beautiful.


Bea and Sam's school registrar requested for the original copy of the girl's past school years transcript of records. The principal from their old school showed it to me and i thought it would be nice if i had a copy of it to document their grades in grade school. I am looking for shop that does document imaging so i can have it scanned and saved on a flash drive.

I will go ask tonight from the nearby internet cafe if they have one, if not i will have to go the mall tomorrow morning before Bea hands it over to her registrar.

Looking at their grades from grade one to the present shows how good and consistent students they were. They were really good so it was no surprised that Bea graduated top of her batch and got the valedictorian medal.

I hope these good grades continue till high school and college, keeping my fingers crossed.

Techie Request

My sister will be going to Japan for a convention and she asked me if i wanted something. I thought really fast and the first thing that came to my head was to ask for somel ipod nano headphones that was big in Japan. She quickly said yes and just asked for a particular color i wanted, i said any dark colored headphone would do, not really too picky, especially if its for free .. tee hee!

She will be leaving in three days and be back after two days ... so five days to wait for my request, so excited!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I am now half-way done with my tests.

Exams are scheduled on the 20th ... but i am half way done as early as now. Yey!

I am challenging myself to finish everything this week .... can i do it!

Let's see ...


I am celebrating!

It's my 1000th post!

I cannot believe that time has flown ... i was reading through my old posts and it was like feeling everything all over again. I marvel at the thought that i can document just about anything, an online diary complete with pictures and even comments from my readers.

I just love how the internet has evolved, knowing that everything you want to know about are all available with just a few strokes on the keyboard.

I am presently looking for images to use for my Science tests for the grade 1 and 2. And while a window is open i still have a couple open windows like my query about stell drum from and Bea's research on parasites. I love my ability to multi-task without any effort.

I will celebrate again when i reach my 2000th post ... excited to fill the blog once again with a lot of memories, happenings and activities.