Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Woes

Our water bill skyrocketed.

I thought it was because of the numerous times the kids take a shower because of the heat, but after looking at our water tank on the rooftop ... i discovered a leak. Uh-oh.

I then thought of all the wasted water that has been happening and i was not even aware of it. I was always monitoring our electric consumption and took for granted our water usage since i know it was always minimal. Christian said we have to buy a lever since that is where the leak started then a pipe that connects to the water pump.

I will be looking at various kinds tomorrow to fix this, searched the net for some items and saw a lot of plastic hoses and braided metal hose, since i am thumbs when it comes to these i will have to ask Christian about it and i will buy them over the weekend. I really feel bad for all the wasted water especially since the news always talks about water shortage in some areas.

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